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  • Adventure Comics #0 (April)
    Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    [Reprints Superboy's first meeting with the Legion of Super-Heroes from Adventure Comics #247]. Scar, the fallen Oan, reads from the Book of the Black and sees Lex Luthor removing Brainiac's body from his lab, taking out some of General Sam Lane's soldiers on guard, to get Brainiac to his ship. Brainiac, having pretended to be under Lex's control, awakens and tells Lex they're going to work together. Scar talks about controlling the dead as an image of Conner Kent appears.

  • Adventure Comics #1 [#504] (October)
    Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Francis Manapul
    Conner Kent plays fetch with Krypton on the Kent Farm in Smallville. He goes through a list of what Superman did during his early days to become a hero. 1 - He live with the Kents: and Conner is doing that. 2 - Went to Smallville High: and Conner enroles into classes. 3 - Joined a Team of Super-Heroes: and Conner meets up with Bart to rejoin the Teen Titans. 4 - Helped Anyone Who Need It: Conner saves a girl from drowning, as nearby Simon Valentine meets a strange creature (Tellus). Superman meets Superboy inside Lex Luthor's old Smallville home, and Conner promises Superman he'll leave Lex Luthor to him. But back in his room on the Kent Farm, Conner checks off his one item on his list of "What Does Lex Luthor Do?"... 1 - Lies to Superman... Back-Up Story: A quick recap on the origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Starman, his mind still fractured, flies through present day Smallville, before meeting Tellus.

  • Adventure Comics #2 [#505] (November)
    Geoff Johns/Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker, Francis Manapul/Clayton Henry, Francis Manapul/Clayton Henry
    In West Virginia Project 7734 helicopters are attached by Brainiac. Luthor is impressed with Brainiac's ship. Brainiac promises Luthor he'll be ruler of Earth, but Lex is more interested in "Project: Alien Farm". In Smallville Conner is needlessly worried he might be going bald, but he's just excited about seeing Cassie (Wonder Girl) again. With a little help from Krypto and Martha, Conner and Cassie share a romantic dinner out amongst the stars. Aboard Brainiac's ship, Luthor scans through the latest Earth newspaper stories, and is shocked to see a headline reading "Superboy Returns!"./In the 31st century Lightning Lad goes to visit his brother Mekt. Seems Mekt has always felt an outcast because unlike Garth and his twin Ayla (and indeed everyone else on their planet) he was not a twin... but Mekt believe he has a twin and wants Garth to find them.

  • Adventure Comics #3 [#506] (December)
    Geoff Johns/Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker, Francis Manapul/Clayton Henry, Francis Manapul/Clayton Henry
    Conner (Superboy) continues his "What did Superman/What does Lex Luthor do?" checklist. Conner asks the quirky Simon, "You think people are born bad?" while they discuss the mysterious Lori who seems to have bad luck follow her around (holy obvious super-power, Batman!). Krypto shows up carting along several of Conner's Rogues which leads Conner to think "Maybe Krypto can track down Luthor." When that is unsuccessful, Conner decides to look up Red Robin (Tim Drake) where the two old friends reunite and have a nice heartfelt talk showing that unlike Luthor, Conner does not "Alienate Friends". The issue ends with Lex asking to be dropped off in Smallville so he can find his "property" (Conner)./Polar Boy and Sun Boy team up on Tharr (Polar Boy's home planet) to catch Cryo-King, a Legion of Super-Villain wannabe. Polar Boy gets no respect from his home world or from Cryo-King. Brek (Polar Boy) lashes out and together, he and Sun Boy make short work of Cryo-King. The two Legionnaires discover a map of 21st Century Earth on Cryo-King who mysteriously tells our two heroes, "You think you're the only Legion with an espionage squad in the 21st Century?"

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