"Adventures of Superman" Comic Book Index


  • Adventures of Superman #31 (November 25, 2013)
    Jim Krueger, Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna
    Guilt... that crippling internal foe that no one can get away from... except in death. So thinks The Dark Lantern. Somewhere in space, somewhere that must be beyond the 28 known galaxies, is a Star Wars bar scene where low-lives, scum and the very depressed plot, scheme and brood. In that bar, a guilt ridden Green Lantern sits at the bar downing... some kind of drink that can only be found past the 28 known galaxies. At another table, a purple-cloaked, faceless entity promises a rich reward to some muscle-bound Neanderthal. The catch? The Neanderthal has to steal a certain Green Lantern's... lantern... battery. Ok, sure. Easy enough, right? Not really. The Neanderthal gets wasted on the barroom floor as he tries to steal the Lantern's... lantern... battery. The purple-cloaked person is unconcerned about Neanderthal's fate. His purpose wasn't to actually steal the lantern. His purpose was to test the brooding spectacle who is seated at the bar. Why would the Guardians send a Green Lantern Corpsman to this scummy space quadrant? Our faceless friend is curious. He begins to converse with the moody Lantern. Sadly, the Lantern confesses that he is not just moody, but suicidal. He has tried time and time again to end his own life, but the Ring won't let him. The Ring protects him from himself. "So, you wear the Ring, but you are no Superman, is that it?" Asks the faceless one. "What's a Superman?" The Green Lantern responds. The Green Lantern is stunned to find out that Superman is the last Son of Krypton. His yellow eyes widen in shock. He must find Superman! It's like this Green Lantern suddenly has a purpose again. The Green Lantern Ring leads our wild-eyed corpsman* to Earth... and to Superman. Once there, he begs Superman to kill him, for he was the Green Lantern who was once held with the responsibility of protecting Krypton. And he failed!

  • Adventures of Superman #32 (December 2, 2013)
    Jim Krueger, Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna
    Superman is devastated at the reminder of his people's demise, but he refuses to kill the Green Lantern. He sees the hero's pain, and he understands the sorrow of not being able to save everyone who is in need. But the Green Lantern doesn't want to listen to Superman. He doesn't want to be forgiven. He thinks his failure is too great. Thus, when Superman refuses to kill him, he tries to force Superman's hand by attacking innocent people around him. But if he thinks this will force Superman to kill him, then he doesn't know the Last Son of Krypton. Superman is angry, but in control. The Green Lantern continues attacking innocent bystanders, using his Lantern. Suddenly, Superman falls to the ground in pain. Bewildered, the Corpsman stops his attacks. Enter our purple cloaked conspirator from the previous issue. The villain informs the Green Lantern that he is not carrying a Lantern battery, but a piece of Krypton. Kryptonite. It appears that the being had planned the whole thing. He could not find the last Kryptonian, but he knew that the Green Lantern's ring could. So, he used him. And now, Brainiac reveals himself.

  • Adventures of Superman #33 (December 9, 2013)
    Jim Krueger, Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna
    Brainiac is going to absorb all of Superman's knowledge of Krypton, thus killing The Man of Steel. Then, of course, he is going to destroy Earth by sucking all the known data out of it. As Brainiac begins to assimilate himself to Superman, Superman, though in agony, tells the Green Lantern, that he forgives him for Krypton's demise. The Lantern is shocked at Superman's act of forgiveness and thinks to himself, "A man like Superman should never die." Inspired by Superman's selflessness, The Lantern, once again, finds the hero within himself. First he shuts Brainiac up, then he saves Superman by sacrificing himself. The ring goes searching for its new owner.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #11 [Print Edition] (March 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #31-33.

  • Adventures of Superman #34 (December 16, 2013)
    Peter Milligan, Augustin Padilla, Nick Filardi
    Winslow Schott, aka Toyman, aka child abductor, promises some young children that he will show them where 'the toys are made.' The children eagerly look past Winslow's strangeness in anticipation of seeing these toys. Superman flies in for the rescue. He warns off the Toyman, but Toyman mocks Superman. He knows that Superman has an honor code. He won't really hurt him. Will he? BOOM! The robotic Toyman explodes into a thousand pieces. The kids look on, laughing... Superman is not amused. He's obviously frustrated at his failure to stop Schott. After all, stalking children is not a game. Metropolis has shut down local schools in fear of Toyman, aka Child Abductor. Citizens wonder, "Why doesn't Superman do something about that maniac?" At the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois discuss the matter. It is a terse conversation. Lois wonders at having to '...trust an unelected vigilante...' while Clark points out that she trusts Superman enough when she, herself is in trouble. Lois Lane is not amused. In Suicide Slums, the real Toyman is hard at work on his next scheme. A new toy. Always working on a new toy... CRASH! An intruder forces his way into the toy shop, and Toyman thinks that Superman has found his hiding place. But he isn't afraid. Superman is, after all, nothing more than an overgrown teddy bear, right? But wait... it's not Superman. The intruder is an unknown masked vigilante, and he knows the secret to stopping Winslow. A Toyman can't make toys without fingers. So, one by one the vigilante breaks Winslow's fingers. Winslow screams in pain... Later, at the docks, Bruno Mannheim is also a victim of Metropolis' new... hero? The vigilante, called The Demolisher, breaks Bruno's jaw and several ribs. Those injuries put Bruno on life-support. The Demolisher is serious about ridding Metropolis of crime. Rumor has it that Brainiac and Metallo have left Metropolis, fearing the vigilante. Clark Kent wonders why Superman is allowing this to happen. A strange question from the man who knows Superman more than anyone. Lois points out that The Demolisher is willing to go places that Superman isn't. The Demolisher is willing to hurt bad people... even if they are weaker then him. Superman isn't. Clark and Lois have a moment. They almost kiss. Does Lois know the secret? At the Daily Planet, Perry White tells Clark to get a quote from Superman about The Demolisher. Inquiring minds want to know what Superman, that 'old-fashioned' relic, thinks of this new kind of justice. Lois gets the First Lady's fashion assignment. Lois is not amused. At the Hospital, Schott is visited by The Demolisher. He warns the demented prankster to leave town and to tell other criminals and villains to steer clear of Metropolis. This is The Demolisher's town now. Next, The Demolisher is seen climbing through a window. The mask comes off, and it's Clark. He's not quite himself today.

  • Adventures of Superman #35 (December 23, 2013)
    Peter Milligan, Augustin Padilla, Nick Filardi
    Previously, we left Clark Kent talking on the phone with a very offended Lois Lane. Our intrepid reporter was not interested in reporting on the First Lady's 'old frocks'. She was interested in a one on one interview with The Demolisher. Ironic... considering she was actually talking to the man. But Clark knows that his third persona, The Demolisher, is too brutal. He tells himself that it ends tonight. He knows that the 'Punisher-like' methods are wrong. He tells Lois to go to bed. And five minutes later, he's off again. All that bent-up frustration and helplessness Superman has been feeling was now coming forth. Metropolis is The Demolisher's city now. As he flies through the night, The Demolisher's super-hearing picks up Lois Lane's frightened voice. The Demolisher, not only saves Lois from a couple of thugs, but plants a big ole kiss on her. And even though she is affected by the kiss, she is also a little alarmed by The Demolisher's violent methods. Her article printed in The Daily Planet the next day tells of a night filled with violence and bloodshed - all caused by The Demolisher. The next night, Clark Kent tells himself again that The Demolisher methods must end. He goes to bed. But The Demolisher is now in control. In order to show Metropolis that they need him, he kills the lights. All of Metropolis is now in darkness. Chaos will reign. Can The Demolisher save the city he, himself put into darkness? Is there no way back for Superman?

  • Adventures of Superman #36 (December 30, 2013)
    Peter Milligan, Augustin Padilla, Nick Filardi
    As The Demolisher attempts to destroy Metropolis' power source, Clark battles the darkness within himself. Clark wins and is finally able to control the monster within... Be he only has seconds to stop the impending catastrophe that will bring Metropolis into darkness. Because of Superman's intervention, Metropolis only experiences a black out for 5 seconds. Later, Clark learns that Toyman has escaped. Metropolis is once again fearful for their children. They call on The Demolisher to defend them. So, Clark gives them what they want. But the result is not what they expect. The Demolisher goes on a rampage, stealing and causing destruction. They public call for Superman to stop him, which he does.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #12 [Print Edition] (April 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #34-36.

  • Adventures of Superman #37 (January 6, 2014)
    B. Clay Moore, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez
    Metallo is on a rampage. Why? No one knows. But stopping him is a job for Superman. As Superman and Metallo fight and exchange snarky remarks, Jimmy Olsen snaps a couple of action shots for the Daily Planet. As the battle unfolds in the streets of Metropolis, a stealthy ex-Planet reporter named Carl Hobson films the Superman/Metallo fight. He's working for the Metro Star, but he's not interested in reporting on the brawl. He's got more long term plans for his recording. Carl's looking to break the story of the century. He's looking to answer the question, "Who is Superman?" He thinks he's got it all figured out. He's a reporter after all. He's been tracking Superman for over a year, and the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. Later, Carl follows Clark Kent. Clark isn't amused, and he confronts Carl. Much to Clark's surprise, Carl says that he knows the truth about Superman.

  • Adventures of Superman #38 (January 13, 2014)
    B. Clay Moore, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez
    Carl confronts Clark Kent about an 'investigative' report he is doing on Superman and the Daily Planet. He sees the 'obvious' connection between Superman's activities and the rise in the Planet's circulation. Carl suspects that Superman is purposely saving Metropolis for the benefit of the Daily Planet. Or maybe Superman saves people just so he will end up on the Planet's front page. Either way, Carl just can't believe that Superman is a good person who merely wants to help people. There must be another reason Superman does what he does. To prove his theory, Carl pays a visit to Stryker's Island where many of Superman's enemies are imprisoned. After asking leading questions of the Toyman, Parasite, The Atomic Skull, Terra-Man, and Metallo, Carl may have what he needs to break the story. After all, these vermin are known for telling the truth. Right? Uh, no. Even Carl begins to realize that these weirdoes at Stryker's are off their rockers. But... Metallo uses Carl's visit as a much needed distraction to facilitate his prison break. And of course, Carl is taken as a hostage.

  • Adventures of Superman #39 (January 20, 2014)
    B. Clay Moore, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez
    Part three of 'Exposed' opens at the Daily Planet. Editor Perry White sends Lois Lane and cub Photographer, Jimmy Olsen to cover the prison break at Stryker's Island. Meanwhile, Superman is helping the prison guards round up the rouge prisoners. But wait! Metallo hasn't been rounded up, and he's missing. The wardens suspect that Metallo has taken ex-Planet reporter Hobson with him. After all, never hurts to have a hostage. Hobson, trying to stay alive, tells Metallo that he has been investigating Superman, and that he may know a secret that will help the villain bring down the Boy Scout. Metallo is curious. He takes Hobson back to the ex-reporter's apartment where, frankly, the villain is a bit creeped-out about Hobson's Superman 'shrine.' Hobson explains to Metallo that he believes that Superman was created by the Daily Planet as a publicity stunt to increase their circulation. Metallo could care less about Superman's connection to the Daily Planet. This means that Hobson has become useless. Time to get rid of Hobson. Meanwhile, just outside of Stryker's Island, Superman finds Hobson's phone. Hobson has left a recording on his phone that will help Superman find him and Metallo. Hopefully, Superman will find them before Metallo snaps Hobson's neck. And, indeed, Superman saves Hobson in the nick of time. But Hobson still doesn't understand why Superman does it. Why does he save people? If he isn't a puppet for the Daily Planet, then why do what he does? Superman explains, "Mr. Hobson, I can fly. I can punch through tanks and see through walls. I must have been given these gifts for a reason. So, what else would I do?" How awesome is that answer. Sometimes people do things just because it is the right thing to do. And Superman is obviously that kind of person. Later, at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent reads a the Planet's front page news. Carl Hobson is the writer. Title of the article, "The Day Superman Saved My Life: (While I Tried to Ruin His)." Looks like Carl has done a 180 on his opinion on the Boy Scout.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #13 [Print Edition] (May 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #37-39.

  • Adventures of Superman #40 (January 27, 2014)
    Max Landis, Jock, Jock
    The Joker stands alone, high atop the Daily Planet building. Into the distance, there is a plume of thick, black smoke rising up from a Metropolis building. Helicopters circle the plume assessing the damage. Of course, The Joker is responsible for this mayhem. Gotham's psychopath isn't in Metropolis just to see the sites. His goal is to create chaos and to attract the attention of Superman. Mission accomplished; Superman confronts The Joker. But all Joker wants to do is tell jokes, and blow up more buildings. Why? No reason. The Joker's modus operandi is to be... insane. He has no demands or reasons for what he does. It just seems to be in his very nature to create chaos and instill terror in others. This brings a... grin... to Joker's face. These things make him happy. As Superman and Joker converse, we find that The Joker is in the beginning of his career. He knows his acts are crazy. Or are they? Is he really a criminal? Green hair? White face? It's all so new to him. How is Superman going to deal with this insane lunatic? First, a complement. Yes, Superman tells Joker that he is... smart. Joker is stunned. That's not the response he is used to getting from the opposition team. However, Superman seems to understand that The Joker has layers, and he's smarter than he lets on. Then, Superman insults Joker. He calls him 'vapid and dumb' and that he is trying too hard. Joker is thrown off his game by Superman's ping/ponging descriptions of his character. Joker shoots back an insult at Superman about wearing his underwear on the outside and wearing shirts that are too tight. When Superman laughs at the villain's jokes, Joker is again shocked and confused. He is used to people responding to his insanity with sheer terror or, as with Batman, brooding silence. Superman doesn't seem too worried about those bombs Joker planted around Metropolis either. None of Joker's usual tricks works to soften or scare the Man of Steel, so in frustration, Joker lays voice to all of Superman's critics. He calls Superman a boring, pajama wearing, un-cool, irrelevant superhero. Superman listens, bored. He eggs Joker on by simply saying that he seems... well... 'mad.'

  • Adventures of Superman #41 (February 3, 2014)
    Max Landis, Jock, Jock
    When we last left our hero and villain, The Joker was threatening to turn Metropolis into a "BOOM" town. However, Superman removed the bombs that Joker had planted around the city. And he brought said bombs with him. Now, Joker is someone who is in danger of being hoisted by his own petard. Joker is shocked that Superman was able to locate his bombs. After all, he figured Superman to be just a big brute. He had no idea Superman could see radio waves. In frustration, Joker threatens to blow the bombs anyway. But when Superman points out how dumb that would be, Joker again rants at Superman. Joker mentions Batman's code to never kill an enemy. Superman responds by telling Joker that he, himself, generally doesn't kill. But in The Joker's case, he might be willing to make an exception. The Joker decides that Metropolis isn't the town for him. Later, Superman pays a visit to the Batcave. Batman and Superman exchange hostile words. Batman knew Joker was headed to Metropolis and used his visit to test Superman. Superman is pissed. He tells Batman that if he puts the citizens of Metropolis in danger like that again, Joker wouldn't make it back home to Gotham.

  • Adventures of Superman #42 (February 10, 2014)
    Fabian Nicieza, Phil Hester, Eric Capstor
    As Clark knocks on his neighbor's door, he wishes for something to take him away. An alien invasion would do the trick. But alas, it isn't to be. The door is answered and Clark meets... Sugar and Spike. Not a mystery how this night is going to go. Spike is already sporting an attitude. And though Sugar thinks Mr. Kent is cute, Spike is having none of it. Having a babysitter means good times and misbehaving. Thus, Spike commences alpha plan, DESTRUCTION OF THE APARTMENT. And while Clark is shocked and distracted by Spike's unbelievable behavior, Sugar and Spike enter the elevator and head toward the building's roof. But Spike isn't ready for Clark's speed. To Spike's shock, his babysitter is on the roof before the little-demons are. Before Clark can get them off said roof, there is a mighty explosion across town at S.T.A.R. Labs. The Atomic Skull is causing mayhem. Quickly, Clark changes into Superman, wraps the little-demons in his indestructible cape, and flies off towards S.T.A.R. Labs. Superman consults with the witnesses at S.T.A.R. Labs then takes off after Atomic Skull. Turns out, Skull has stolen some sort of reality alternating device. Before Supes can stop him, Atomic Skull zaps Supes into another reality, leaving the little-demons behind. Little-demons terrorize Atomic Skull. By the time Superman returns to proper reality, the villain is begging to be arrested. He just wants away from the over-zealous Sugar and Spike. Later that night, Clark tells the parents how good their kids behaved. As they watch the kids sleep, the amazed mom asks Clark if he could babysit again. But Clark is... gone.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #14 [Print Edition] (June 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #40-42.

  • Adventures of Superman #43 (February 17, 2014)
    Ron Marz, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Evan "Doc" Shaner
    At the Daily Planet... Lois, the ever competitive reporter, is asking Clark Kent about his next boring 'human interest' story. He explains that he is writing about two reunited brothers. They were adopted by different families as young children and had no idea that the other existed. However, as a hard-hitting reporter, Lois find's Clark's story to be a 'fluff' piece. Clark argues that it's a sweet story worth telling. They argue back and forth until... BOOM!!!! The startled employees look out the Daily Planet's window to see a huge fireball falling out of the sky. Clark Kent reaches for his tie... As the fireball hits Metropolis' harbor, Clark changes in the Daily Planet's supply closet. This looks like a job for Superman. Meanwhile, a man and his dog, Skip, are tipped out of their small boat when the fireball crashes down into the harbor. But Superman saves them. As he scoops them out of the water and delivers them to the Coast Guard ship, he tells everyone to stay away from the crash site until he can investigate the crash area. As Superman investigates the landing site of the mysterious fireball, two glowing orbs flash out at him from the water. They get closer and closer until a giant robot surfaces from the waters. Superman tries to communicate with the creature, but the robot flicks Superman off. After crashing into the docks, Superman dusts himself off and returns to the harbor to battle the robot. During the battle, Superman sees that the robot has Superman's family crest branded in its head. Why does this robot have the Superman shield on its head? Come to find out, it's because Jor-El is its creator.

  • Adventures of Superman #44 (February 24, 2014)
    Ron Marz, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Evan "Doc" Shaner
    Lois Lane pushes her way through the retreating crowd towards the Kryptonian giant robot that is currently creating mayhem in Metropolis. Meanwhile, as Superman fights and converses with the machine, he find out that the robot was created by Jor-El, Superman's father. Since Jor-El knew of Krypton's imminent destruction he secretly built the robot as a deep-space probe to search out other inhabitable planets. The robot looked far and wide across space to find a new home for the Kryptonians. However, an alien race called the Vendai found him first. The Vendai took over the machine and used him to find new worlds to conquer. But the machine is in control of itself again. It is no longer a weapon of the Vendai. Superman, ever the optimist, is excited to see that a part of Krypton still survives. But Superman and his new found 'brother' don't have time to celebrate their meeting. The Vendai are approaching Earth.

  • Adventures of Superman #45 (March 3, 2014)
    Ron Marz, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Evan "Doc" Shaner
    Thal, the Vendai commander learns that their Kryptonian scout is no longer under their control. But it does not matter. Thal considers Earth to be a 'backwater' planet, and thus must be destroyed. Superman zooms off to make contact with the Vendai. When he is met with hostile firepower, Superman commences to defend the Earth. Soon, his new 'brother' joins him. Together they defeat the Vendai. However, as the Vendai run away, tail between their legs, they detonate the self-destruct mechanism they had placed in AI. Jor-El's machine dies. He dies right before Superman's eyes. Superman, Last Son of Krypton, is alone again. Later, Clark Kent delivers the Daily Planet newspaper to the re-united brother's he had mentioned to Lois in part one of this tale. The brothers are obviously enjoying their new found friendship. They thank Clark for delivering the paper, and as Clark walks away, they ask him if he has any siblings. He answers, "No. I'm an only child." The ending page shows us the Fortress of Solitude. Here, Superman has placed his fallen brother next to the statues of his parents.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #15 [Print Edition] (July 2014)
    Collects Digital Chapters #43-45.

  • Adventures of Superman #46 (March 10, 2014)
    Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle and Brent Schoonover
    In the future, inhabitants have fled a dying Earth. In this post-apocalyptic world, the animals stand upright, and it is they who rule the planet. Meanwhile, all humans have reverted to animal-like ways - except for one man named Kamandi. Kamandi and America's last king, Rathotis are the last to leave the planet. As they prepare to leave Earth, Kamandi wants to say one last good-bye. He is hopeful that one day they will return. Rathotis is not so optimistic. To give Rathotis hope Kamandi turns towards a statue of the long-ago hero, Superman, and begins to tell the story of Kal-El, Last Son of Krypton... It's 1939. Superman, in his 1939 suit, and Batman are fighting Frankenstein and his ghoulish horde. The back and forth dialogue between the two heroes reminds the readers of the competing optimistic/pessimistic divergence between them. Later, Superman and his friend, Professor Potter discuss how Superman has inspired humans to enter the space age. If the Last Son of Krypton can reach Earth, maybe there are more beings out there. And it is Earth's turn to reach out to them. Superman and Professor Potter watch as a rocket ship is launched just outside of Metropolis. But something goes wrong, and as Superman tries to save the rocket, it disappears. Everyone thinks the astronauts are dead. But there is no debris that accompanies an explosion. That leaves Superman with hope that he can still save the astronauts. For Superman, there is always a way...

  • Adventures of Superman #47 (March 17, 2014)
    Joe Keatinge, Ming Doyle and Brent Schoonover
    Rathotis morns the loss of his world. Kamandi tries to comfort him. But the king refuses to be reassured. Where is Superman? Why isn't he here to help? Superman wasn't just sent here to save us, Kamandi explains. He was meant to inspire humanity. To prove it, Kamandi continues to tell the tale of Superman. We see Superman throughout the ages... battling Brainiac, being found by the Kents, looking at the bottle city of Kandor, saving Lois Lane... We end the pilgrimage through Superman history at 2013. Here, Superman and an aged Lois Lane are meeting to help the world (and universe) celebrate 75 years of Superman! A stadium surrounds a huge statue of Superman! And the stadium is filled with Superman's friends, family, admirers from other planets, and gods and goddesses both new and old. Ever humble, Superman isn't too comfortable with all the attention. But he waves to the crowd. As he does, granny Lois plants a big ole kiss on him and tells him that we all love him. Then, Lois melts... It's all due to Mxyzptlk! The celebrations wasn't real. Mxyzptlk is behind all this! He uses the giant Superman statue to talk to and mock Superman. Superman whooshes away the statue into space. Then, Superman says his own name backwards and goes into the 5th dimension. Mxy follows. As Superman and Mxy float around in the 5th dimension exchanging banter, they look through the whirling colors to see the missing Phaethon from part one of this story. Superman tries to free the rocket from the multi-dimensional grasp that is holding it outside of time, but he finds that he cannot free it. Mxy tells Supes that he cannot help the victims locked in the lost Phaethon... yet. There will come a time when he can. But not now. Not today. Breaking the 4th wall, Superman gives a confident wink to the reader. In the future, Rathotis is not impressed with Kamandi's story about Superman. In Rathotis' eyes, Superman failed. What sort of inspiration is that!? But Kamandi points out that Superman never gave up. Kal-El saw hope in every circumstance. He learned from his mistakes. He knew there was always a way. Superman could not save those astronauts in the past, but he will save them some time in the future. And as Kamandi, Rathotis and their crew rocket off into space (using Red Kryptonite as jet fuel), Superman is seen to be watching their escape. Earth explodes. But as Kamandi says, with Superman, there is always a way...

  • Adventures of Superman #48 (March 24, 2014)
    Joe Keatinge, Tula Lotay and Jason Shawn Alexander
    In 1926, a young Clark Kent tests his powers by jumping from the Kent house to the Kent barn. Krypto barks in full support. However, Ma Kent is not too happy at Clark's antics. She's afraid Clark will get hurt. But like all boys, Clark is unafraid. He finds great joy in testing his limits. It's a character trait that follows Clark into adulthood. And billions of years later, Clark Kent, aka Superman, is watching over his friend Anu. Superman is telling the dying god Anu the story of Kamandi. At Anu's death, Superman will become the last being in the universe. A lonely place to be... After Anu dies, Superman flies into space, and watches his universe die. He proclaims that there is hope in its death. Because, for Superman, there is life on the other side. With the death of an old universe, there is the beginning of a new one. There is an almighty explosion. As the universe cracks, Lois Lane appears. She is just a memory, standing on an asteroid in space. She is there to remind Superman of what he is there to do... he's there to save humanity. So, off he goes to do so. Through a tear in the universe, Superman sees the old rocket ship form part one of this tale. In that rocket ship there is the new beginning. Superman had never forgotten them. And now he was, indeed, strong enough to save them. It might have taken billions of years, but Superman never gives up. Never. The astronaut thinks that they have only been in limbo for five minutes. He is not aware that billions of years have past. The poor man is shocked to realize that all he has known is now no more. But Superman promises that no matter what the new universe holds for them, he will help him through it. Superman will always be there for him.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #16 [Print Edition] (August 27)
    Collects Digital Chapters #46-48.

  • Adventures of Superman #49 (March 31, 2014)
    Steve Niles, Matthew Dow Smith, Jordie Bellaire
    As Superman flies towards the opening ceremony of Clavius Moonbase 13, he reminisces about his boyhood. Turns out, young Clark Kent once believed in ghosts. As Superman lands on the base, he is greeted by the cheering crowd. The mayor of said mood-base introduces our hero, and Superman waxes poetics about now being able to see what Earth really looks like from the moon. Earth, Superman declares, is a most amazing place. But Kryptonian ghosts, buried deep under the moon's crust, are not happy about Superman's love of Earth. Their purpose in traveling to Earth was to conquer it, not cherish it. Apparently the moon got in their way. These ghosts label Kal-El of Krypton a 'traitor' and begin attacking the base. At first, Superman is helpless against the ghosts. They punch him, but he cannot return the favor. They mock him and try to make him think that he is going crazy. But Clark Kent remembers the words of Pa Kent... "There are only two places ghosts can live, your head and your heart. You give them power. Ghosts are within us, and we say when they come and when they don't." A young Clark didn't understand Pa Kent's wise words, but an older Clark/Superman does. The Kryptonian ghost soon looses his power to hurt The Man of Steel. He can no longer punch or fight him. But instead, the ghost begs Kal-El not to ignore him. So, Superman tunnels through the moon and finds the body of the dead Kryptonian. The dead Kryptonian simply did not want to be forgotten. As Superman lifts off the moon, he promises to take the Kryptonian home.

  • Adventures of Superman #50 (April 7, 2014)
    Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine DeLandro, Valentine DeLandro
    The get-away driver wasn't expecting guns. But as bullets whizzed by Gina, Lois Lane reminded her that needing a 'get-away car' sort of implied trouble. So, what was the big deal? Lois and Gina escape near death at the hands of the island's casino thugs and arrive at the local airstrip, but as Lois' little commuter-plane takes off, she drops a package. But no worries. One phone call, and Superman retrieves it for her. Inside the dropped package is a very important item. It's a Valentine's gift for Superman. But he has to wait to open it. Valentine's Day is four days away. And he can't peek. Lois lined the package with lead. Superman is curious. As the days go by, Superman asks Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman what they think the mysterious gift might be. Each Superhero has their own idea about what the perfect gift would be. No Aquaman, it's not a fish... And of course, Superman wants to give the perfect Valentine's gift to Lois. So, he puts together something special. On Valentine's Day, Lois floats down from the sky using a parachute. Superman catches her and tells her that she is late. Of course she's late. She's always late. That's a part of her charm. They exchange gifts. Superman has been to the depths of the ocean and to various parts of the earth putting together the perfect gift. It's a bracelet with a tachymeter scale with a rotating bezel to help Lois calculate speed and distance. Since Lois is frequently running away from trouble, it's the perfect gift. Lois loves it. And what was the gift Lois gave Superman? She gave him... a mystery. As a man who can see and hear most anything in the world... Lois decided that he needed something that would flummox, frustrate and intrigue him. Thus, he is not allowed to open the box. It's contents is to be forever a mystery. Superman laughs. He already has that... in Lois.

  • Adventures of Superman #51 [Final Chapter] (April 14, 2014)
    Jerry Ordway, Steve Rude, Steve Rude
    In the future, the villainess Doctor Skuba plans to take over the Earth. But to do so, he must first send an arsenal of destruction back to the past... to destroy Superman! In the present, a chunk of the asteroid Kurtzberg-17 has broken out of Earth's orbit and is headed straight towards Metropolis. S.T.A.R Labs immediately calls Superman. Superman flies into space and lands on the portion of rock heading towards Metropolis. On it, he finds a destroyed S.T.A.R satellite. To Superman's amazement, some unknown power begins assembling the debris into a robot. The robot, called G-7, attacks Superman. The two battle it out, and it looks like Superman is done for! OMAC will save Superman! OMAC stands for One Man Army Corps. He is one of Earth's future superheroes, and he has come from that future to save Superman. Together Superman and OMAC are able to beat the G-7 and destroy the asteroid that was heading for Metropolis. OMAC is relieved that Superman and Metropolis are saved, but part of G-7 that wasn't destroyed is a ticking-time bomb. OMAC grabs it and takes off taking the bomb back to the future and returning it to its owner - Doctor Skuba. Meanwhile, in the future, Doctor Skuba awaits the world's expected transformation due to Superman's death. But OMAC barges into Skuba's lair informing the villain that his plans were for naught. OMAC and Brother Eye foiled Skuba's plans, and Superman still lives. As OMAC destroys Skuba's lair, Brother Eye reminds the hero that there will always be despots and villains in the world. OMAC replies that wherever there are tyrants there will be heroes to stop them. OMAC is inspired by the heroes of the past, and he intends to, "... pursue justice for the oppressed..." In the present, Superman thinks about OMAC and wonders about how some things never change.

  • Notable Issue: Adventures of Superman #17 [Print Edition] (September 24)
    Collects Digital Chapters #49-51.

    [Trade Paperback collection: Adventures of Superman Vol. 3 [Paperback] reprints Adventures of Superman #11-17]

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