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Mild Mannered Reviews - Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited #33

Justice League Unlimited #33

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 2, 2007

Cover date: July 2007

Writer: Jason Hall
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Bob Petrecca
Cover Art: Ty Templeton

"Everything Old is New Again"

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Blue Devil, B'wanna Beast, Hawk, Dove, Crimson Avenger and Star Girl are fighting Silver Banshee, Titano, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Giganta.

Star Girl is being an impetuous, ageist, arrogant little brat.

Showing off her power rod and her modern technique endangers her team mates and the innocents nearby - something Crimson Avenger is far from happy about.

When the away team arrive back at the JLU satellite they are still bickering over who's the more competent hero much to the annoyance of Mr. Terrific. He notifies them that Morgaine Le Fey has returned and is en route to the Museum of London.

Star Girl is ready to jump right into battle but Crimson enquires about what might be an attraction to such a powerful woman.

Terrific reveals the London Stone is a powerful mystical artifact that is more than likely her target and sure enough as a tour is going around the museum the sorceress appears!

The away team arrive and take on Le Fey but Star Girl's stupidity leads to Morgaine teleporting herself away along with the London Stone, Crimson and Star Girl. The rest of the JLU stand around dumbfounded.

The two heroes find themselves in a castle hideaway and stupidly Star Girl jumps in again warning Le Fey that she'll never allow her to destroy the London Stone. Le Fey marvels at Star Girl's foolishness revealing she wants to rule London and cure her son Mordred of his elderly frame.

Before she can do so the two heroes grab the stone and go all FREAKY FRIDAY on us.

Morgaine is able to renew her son's youth and laughs at the curse the stone has imbued on the two heroes sending them home to their own beds.

She reappears to them after they realise what has happened and warns them if they reveal they have swapped bodies the curse will be irreversible.

They decide to try and live in each others shoes and though apprehensive at first they begin to appreciate the lives each other leads and become better people from it.

As they decide the only way to break the curse is to destroy the stone. As if by magic Mr. Terrific tells them Dr. Fate has been able to open a magical portal into Le Fey's castle.

Star Girl uses her head and decides they ought to disguise themselves as Le Fey's guards to get close to the stone. Crimson smiles that he thought she would crash right in.

Seems like she's learnt something!

They fire a powerful blast at the London Stone shattering it. But not before Le Fey and her idiot son had both jumped in to protect it turning the curse upon them!

The two heroes laugh at how Crimson has no idea what a frappuccino is compared to a malt shake and head off to the JLU satellite to have the London Stone mystically repaired.

3Story - 3: Not sure where to begin...

Nice twist on the Freaky Friday story but nothing original, have Disney's lawyers had a read I wonder - lol. Star Girl is way out of character this issue compared to last month. She's never been arrogant or nasty or stupid with her powers...

OK the whole London Museum/London Stone thing... I'm glad it's over and I'm leaving it at that.

Titano was around but no Lois, no Sam Lane, no Superman... Morgaine Le Fey is around but no Jason Blood either... Although cheesy in parts overall it was a fun read but nicer if they had been more creative and dedicated to research.

Development in characters earns brownie points though:

Star Girl is a hero instead of a buffoon now. Crimson Avenger isn't a miserable old fart. Mordred is young again. I like continuity that actually continues the loose threads from the show.

4Art - 4: Carlo Barberi is continuing to impress and this story shows he is able to show comical overtones too. Nice touches!

5Cover Art - 5: What an awesome cover! A pity it didn't happen inside as it looks VERY cool!

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