Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman – Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 7)

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman

In Chapter 6 of our ongoing “Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman” saga, Superman, recognizing the need for a more calculated approach, analyzed Brainiac’s ship for potential weaknesses, exploiting the identified vulnerability with strategic brilliance to weaken the AI’s control over the shrinking city.

Chapter 7: Breaking the Chains

With precision and focus, Superman continued to exploit the identified weaknesses in Brainiac’s ship. His strategic brilliance paid off as he targeted the energy conduits during their vulnerable moments, gradually chipping away at Brainiac’s control over the mechanical tendrils and the shrinking process.

The citizens of Metropolis, now safely evacuated, watched with hope as Superman’s calculated maneuvers weakened the grip of Brainiac’s ship. The mechanical tendrils that once ensnared the city began to retract, releasing their hold on the buildings and landmarks.

Despite Brainiac’s defiant warnings, Superman pressed on with determination. The energy conduits sustained significant damage, and the ship’s defensive measures struggled to adapt to the relentless assault.


Brainiac, realizing the imminent threat to his plan, intensified his counterattacks. Energy blasts surged with increased ferocity, and the ship’s automated defenses swarmed around Superman. The battle reached a critical point as the fate of Metropolis hung in the balance.

Superman could feel the strain as he endured the escalating counterattacks. Each hit took a toll on his superhuman endurance, but his determination remained unyielding. The citizens below, now gathered at the evacuation points, sent waves of encouragement through emergency communication channels.

Amidst the chaos, Brainiac’s voice echoed, “Your efforts are futile, Superman. Metropolis will be mine, and you cannot escape the inevitable.”

Superman’s focus remained unwavering. He could see that the identified weaknesses were on the verge of collapse. However, the strain on his powers was becoming evident. The citizens, witnessing the titanic struggle, held their collective breath.

Now, Superman faced a pivotal decision.

Choose Your Own Adventures of Superman - Brainiac and the Battle for Metropolis (Chapter 7)

What strategy should Superman employ to ensure victory in the final stages of the battle and save Metropolis from Brainiac's malevolent plans?

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