Child’s Lost Superman-Themed Prosthetic Leg Returned to Owner

A Superman-themed prosthetic leg has been returned to its 3-year-old owner after being lost in a park in Australia.

On Monday, Sunshine Coast woman Myee Niass discovered the prosthetic leg in a corner of one of the picnic huts near a park in Noosaville in New South Wales, Australia. When she discovered the leg was still in the same spot the following day, she tried to track down its owner.

“We felt they may have been from outside of the area which is why they hadn’t returned to pick it up as it is a pretty important thing to leave behind,” she told Channel 9 news ahead of reuniting the leg with it’s owner on Wednesday afternoon.

“I took to Facebook to try and get in contact with the mother of the boy – given it is a child sized leg it was even more important. We then have been able to get in contact with the mother and we’re going to return the prosthetic leg to her this afternoon.”

The Superman-themed prosthetic leg belongs to a little boy who lives in Maroochydore, hundreds of kilometres away from where his leg was left, who was happy to have the spare prosthetic returned to him.

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September 9, 2017 2:00 pm

That is a super nice thing for them to do. I applaud their good deed. Well done.