Chad L. Coleman Confirmed as Bruno Mannheim for “Superman & Lois” Season 3

Coleman has confirmed that The Orville‘s Chad L. Coleman has been cast as Bruno Mannheim for Superman & Lois Season 3.

As we reported earlier this month, David Ramsey revealed that Coleman had been cast as a lead villain for the upcoming new season during a panel at Dragon Con. Ramsey, who has played the role of Diggle, is also likely to direct several episodes in the upcoming third season.

The official description for the role reads: “Bruno Mannheim is known to most of Metropolis as a local hero, a philanthropist who’s revived the struggling neighborhoods of the city. For years, Lois Lane has worked to prove that behind that facade is a career criminal and the head of the notorious organization Intergang. With some new leads, she might be closer than ever.”

The first episode of the new season is expected to premiere in January 2023.

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September 15, 2022 6:37 am

This is cool news. I look forward to seeing what he brings to the character.