Superman on TV – January 7-13

January 7, 2019 0

Below are the Superman related TV shows and movies scheduled for the week ahead in the USA and Australia. Anyone in other regions of the world who would like to contribute is more than welcome […]

Today’s New Episodes of “Young Justice: Outsiders”

January 4, 2019 1

The first three episodes of “Young Justice: Outsiders” premiere today on the DC Universe digital streaming service. Episode 1: “Princes All” After the Justice League faces a horrifying incident on the planet Rann, Dick Grayson […]

Watch Some of Filmation’s Superboy Cartoons Now

January 1, 2019 11

While much of Superman’s (and Superboy’s) animated exploits are available on Blu-Ray or DVD, one cartoon remains unreleased… Filmation’s Superboy cartoons. “The New Adventures of Superman” premiered on CBS-TV on September 10, 1966. The first […]

“Titans” Coming to Netflix

December 27, 2018 7

Fans outside the USA, who haven’t been able to watch the “Titans” series that was available exclusively on the DC Universe digital streaming service, will be able to watch the entire first season on Netflix. […]

DC Universe 2019 Trailer

December 26, 2018 14

A new trailer promoting the shows set to premiere in 2019 on the DC Universe digital streaming service was posted online today. Superman fans can look forward to “Young Justice: Outsiders,” “Reign of the Supermen,” […]

“Titans” Finale Features Surprise Scene for Super Fans

December 26, 2018 22

The “Titans” series, which is available exclusively on the DC Universe digital streaming service, featured a post-credit scene in the season finale which surprised and excited fans of the Superman family of characters. SPOILER WARNING: […]

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