Capstone Releases Second Wave of “Justice League” Stone Arch Books

Capstone has announced the next wave of “Justice League” Stone Arch Books written by Brandon T. Snider, Derek Fridolfs and Louise Simonson, with art by Tim Levins.

These 88 page illustrated paperback books are the second in a series that begin shipping February 1, with more titles to be published later in 2018.

All titles currently available are priced at $5.95 each:

Gorilla Grodd and the Primate Protocol (Justice League) [Paperback]
by Brandon T. Snider (Author), Tim Levins (Illustrator)
When Gorilla Grodd escapes from prison, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Green Lantern lead a team of heroes and capture him. Little do they know, the helmet Grodd uses to boost his powers has been rigged for primate pandemonium. In an instant, most of the team’s members transform into apes! Can the Justice League fight through Grodd’s gorilla grip? Or will New York City fall to a super-simian onslaught?

Bizarro and the Doppelgängers of Doom (Justice League) [Paperback]
by Brandon T. Snider (Author), Tim Levins (Illustrator)
Bizarro has a problem. The cloning technology he received from Lex Luthor worked a little too well. Instead creating a few duplicates to keep him company on his home world, Bizarro created 100 doppelgängers – and they’ve all turned against him. With nowhere to turn, Bizarro asks the world’s greatest super heroes – including Superman, Supergirl, Batman, and Wonder Woman – for help. Can the Justice League take down Bizarro’s doppelgängers of doom? Or will Bizarro World collapse under complete clone chaos?

Black Adam and the Eternity War (Justice League) [Paperback]
by Derek Fridolfs (Author), Tim Levins (Illustrator)
When the undead arise to engulf the world, the Justice League – with the help of Billy Batson and his heroic alter-ego SHAZAM – leaps into action. They soon discover Black Adam in control of the Rock of Eternity and are quickly banished to ancient Egypt. Can the Justice League fight their way back from the past to defeat the super-villain in time? Or will Black Adam go unopposed as the conqueror of all eternity?

The Joker and Harley Quinn’s Justice League Jailhouse [Paperback]
by Louise Simonson (Author), Tim Levins (Illustrator)
With the help of a nefarious billionaire, the Joker and Harley Quinn hatch a plan to lock up the Justice League for good. First they’ll kidnap The Flash and Huntress. Then they’ll lure the Justice League’s most powerful members – including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman – into a trap beneath Arkham Asylum. Can the world’s greatest team of super heroes thwart the Joker and Harley before it’s too late? Or will this perilous pair doom them forever in a Justice League jailhouse?

The four previous titles in this series are: Starro and the Cyberspore, Amazo and the Planetary Reboot, Injustice Gang and the Deadly Nightshade, and Darkseid and the Fires of Apokolips.