Cameron Welsh Teases What’s Happening in Season 2 of “Krypton”

Showrunner and Executive Producer Cameron Welsh spoke with Entertainment Weekly ahead of tonight’s Season 2 premiere of “Krypton”, explaining where things are at as we return to Superman’s home planet after the events of the first season.

Where did you and the writers begin when you reunited to start breaking the story for season 2?

CAMERON WELSH: When we came together to start figuring out what this season would be, we put ourselves in the position of the characters and asked questions: What would the next logical step be? What would Zod do? What ultimately does Zod want to do? We just wanted to do dig deep into the hopes and dreams and desires of these characters and tried to pursue them to their logical conclusions.

What we find really fascinating and interesting about that is, in a lot of ways, Seg and Zod are two separate sides of the same coin. They both want to save Krypton, [but] they just have vastly different ideas on what it takes to achieve that goal. That’s what really set up the drama for the season. So it was approaching it from a character point of view, going, “What does Seg want? What does Zod want?” discovering that they really wanted the same thing, and then it was a matter of putting the pieces into place for them to pursue those goals, which naturally brought them into conflict.

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