Brian Michael Bendis Answers Your Questions About “The Man of Steel”

In a new DC All Access video writer Brian Michael Bendis answers all your questions about “The Man of Steel” 6-issue miniseries.

Where is Lois Lane? It’s a mystery that echoes throughout every page of Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel, and with issue #2 on the stands, we’re sitting down with the superstar writer this week on DC All Access. What’s going on with Clark’s family? Who is Rogol Zaar, and is he really stronger than Superman? And what’s with all the fires? Brian answers all of our burning questions, but before that, we sit down with Dan DiDio for a look at some of this week’s other must read comics like Justice League #1.

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Kal L
Kal L
June 6, 2018 11:48 pm

“Are they ok, Are they alive, is this Earth?”…

Are you messing with their relationship to make your big entrance into the DCU, or have you taken away the family aspect of the books?