Brad Schwartz on the Future of The CW

The CW

Brad Schwartz, former president at both Pop TV and Audible, has officially been brought on as entertainment president at The CW, who is now owned by Nexstar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Schwartz, a self-professed fanboy of The CW, starts in the role from November 7, and has “hope” that The CW will continue to be a home for original TV shows like “Superman & Lois”.

When asked what his message to current showrunners, writers and producers at The CW would be, Schwartz replied, “I’m looking forward to meeting and talking about it all. I don’t know the answers yet. But I’m looking forward to digging in. The CW is still a huge platform – one of five. We’ll have to be contrarian and think differently but that shouldn’t get in way of ambition.”

With Paramount-backed CBS Studios and Warner Media Discovery having recently abandoned The CW to focus on the emergence of their respective streamers, Paramount+ and HBO Max, which resulted in the cancelation of more than half of The CW’s originals back in May. The CW was then purchased by Nexstar.

Season 3 of “Superman & Lois” will premiere on The CW in January 2023.

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November 3, 2022 8:27 pm

I really wish that people would just stop jumping to conclusions about Superman and Lois. I keep seeing rumors about if it will continue on or not and that some people are taking rumors as facts. As a fan of this series it really is disheartening seeing so many willing to give up on this series so easily. Well, I’m not going to conform to that way of thinking. I believe that Superman and Lois still has a bright future. And I will continue to advocate for this series.