Black Hammer/Justice League Comic Book Crossover report that Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics have joined forces to publish a crossover bringing the heroes of Black Hammer and the Justice League together.

The five-part mini-series “Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice” will be written by Jeff Lemire with art by Michael Walsh.

In a lot of ways Black Hammer is a meta-commentary on the DC Universe, but Lemire told IGN that pairing up the two worlds really highlighted the differences in them.

“Of course, there are some surface similarities, like both Martian Manhunter and Barbalien being Martian heroes, but when you put them together, it allows the uniqueness of both worlds to really come through,” Lemire said.

Details on the plot are being kept sparse for now, but we do know the crossover kicks off when a strange man arrives simultaneously on the Black Hammer Farm and in Superman’s home of Metropolis, both worlds are warped, and DC villain Starro launches an attack.

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