Best Name for DC Comics Films – Poll Results

In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Which name do you prefer for the DC Comics films?

Over half of you like “DC Films” as the name for films based on the DC Universe of characters. Makes sense. Interestingly, the “DC Extended Universe” name (which most people have been using) received the lowest amount of votes.

Here’s the complete voting breakdown:

Which name do you prefer for the DC Comics films?
  • DC Films 52%, 142 votes
    142 votes 52%
    142 votes - 52% of all votes
  • Worlds of DC 26%, 70 votes
    70 votes 26%
    70 votes - 26% of all votes
  • DC Extended Universe 23%, 62 votes
    62 votes 23%
    62 votes - 23% of all votes
Total Votes: 274
July 25, 2018 - August 1, 2018
Voting is closed
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August 2, 2018 10:36 am

I get the power of branding, but the umbrella name isn’t really the problem… Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just make a (specifically Superman) movie that is actually good.