Baseball Themed Superman Bobbleheads are now taking pre-orders for a series Superman Bobbleheads for Baseball fans.

Baseball Themed Superman Bobbleheads

No, it’s not a bird, a plane, or any other flying object. It’s a Baseball Superman DC Bobblehead. Add it to your collection for some super-powered awesome. Just keep it away from kryptonite.

Portrays Superman posing and holding a team-colored baseball with team logo display, showing off that super strength.
Team-colored dugout base with team logo accents to make you feel right at home.
Team logo display on front of base in case there was any doubt where your allegiances lie.
Sand textured top of base.
Hand painted.

Height: Approximately 11 in.

Not a toy.
Individually numbered out of 2,020.
Officially licensed.

Priced at US$35, and expected to ship in mid-July, you can pre-order your Superman Baseball Bobblehead from