August 24, 2016: Review – Funko Pop! Heroes Hot Topic Exclusive Clark Kent Figure

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese



When I had gotten word that Funko was going to be releasing a Pop! figure of Clark Kent, I knew that I had to buy him. The icing on the cake was that the figure would feature Clark in the middle of the iconic shirt rip. At my earliest convenience, I made a trip to the nearest Hot Topic and purchased the figure.

2Articulation – 2/5: This is a difficult section to grade as these stylized figures are not poseable. The only point of articulation on these figures is the head as they are more or less made for display on shelves and desks.
5Paint Application – 5/5: Funko is one of those companies with which the word “quality” is almost always associated with. As an avid collector of the Pop! figures, I have yet to encounter one with poor paint application. The only complaint with these figures is that sometimes, there is the tiniest bit of paint overspill. In the case of my figure, the white paint of the shirt very slightly extends past its sculpted edge. Unless you are actively looking for the smallest of faults, you will be hard-pressed to find them. Otherwise, all paint applications are clean and the “S” shield decal is printed crisply and cleanly.
5Sculpting – 5/5: The figure itself is quite charming. Each detail is carefully crafted and love and effort were clearly put into the designing process. Upon closer inspection, minute details become visible. The belt has notches, the clothes have creases and seams, and the shoes have laces. Even the hair on Clark’s head is sculpted. It is these tiny details that make this figure really pop!

Outside of the fine details, the pose is iconic and bombastic. The figure heavily resembles Christopher Reeve, even down to the red and black necktie. The suit and pose seem to be inspired by the iconic first shirt rip in Superman: The Movie. Although it is not marketed as a Christopher Reeve Pop!, I am going to imagine that it is.
5Overall – 5/5: I am thoroughly in love with this figure. It is a wonderfully designed piece that captures the magic of Superman in under 5″. Coming in at $12.50 retail, I can thoroughly recommend this figure to Superman fans of any era. It is a simple, fun little item and a great companion piece to the standard Superman Pop! figure. The fact that it appears to be inspired by Christopher Reeve makes it all the more special.

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August 24, 2016 8:06 pm

Awesome! Mine should be arriving any day now