Auction for Henry Cavill “Man of Steel” Suit Concept Designs and Photos

A collection of never-before-seen suit concept designs and photos of Henry Cavill from the production of the movie “Man of Steel” are set to be auctioned off as part of Propstore’s four-day Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Marked as Lot #1148, the collection includes 30 pages of printed Superman suit concept designs and photos from Zack Snyder’s superhero film “Man of Steel”.

This lot consists of 30 black construction paper pages featuring printed costume concept design, printed inspiration images from comics, maquette photographs, hair and makeup photographs of Cavill, and test photographs of suits on mannequins and Cavill. These designs were created and printed by specialty costuming firm Frontline Design during pre-production and feature their watermark. Some prints additionally feature notations, dates, and attributions to artists such as costume illustrator Warren Manser. They exhibit minor creasing and edge wear. Dimensions (each): 63.5 cm x 94 cm (25″ x 37″).

The collection of designs and photos is expected to sell for between US$2,200 and US$3,300 (£2,000 – £3,000).

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October 11, 2022 2:35 pm

Whoops! Surprised they release some of these. Better grab him some trunks!