Alex Garfin Talks About Preparing for the Season 2 Finale of “Superman & Lois”

Alex Garfin

In an interview with, actor Alex Garfin talks about his role as Jordan Kent in “Superman & Lois,” how his character has developed in Season 2, and how his character’s journey required him to physically prepare for the more physical aspects of his role. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

“So the thing is—I’ve been training, fight training now for a year and a half. I got a little tipped off that I would be playing more super this year, so I went up to our head of stunts very privately and I was like, look, I’m a scrawny theater kid. I don’t know how to work the gym equipment. I don’t know how to throw a punch. I was the kid getting beaten up in school.”
Garfin is rightfully proud of his work during Jordan’s fight with the Bizarro World visitors, a sequence in which he says he didn’t use a stunt double.

“When it got to that point, it was incredible to be able to do a two-on-one fight in that regard by me,” he says. “That was all me! I mean, the great thing about my stunt double is he can take a hit for me, he can do the stuff that would be dangerous for me to do for the sake of the show in case I broke something, but they felt confident that I could do it. And I could. It was one of those rare moments on a jaded TV set, where everyone’s been working forever—and I’m not the newest thing or the best thing they’ve ever seen clearly—but everyone just started clapping after it was done. It felt really good.”

As for Jordan, figuring out how to both live with and live up to the fact that his father is Superman will undoubtedly be his life’s work.

“How can you live up to that” Garfin asks. “You can’t. I mean he’s Superman. It’s not like he’s even Batman, right? What’s Batman’s superpower? He’s rich. He’s rich so he could buy a bunch of stuff. Superman is a literal alien the fell from the sky and walked out of a little pod as the perfect specimen of a human being. It’s ridiculous.”

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