Additional Details on “Young Justice” and “Wonder Twins” Comic Books

At New York Comic Con this weekend, DC Comics announced the upcoming WONDER COMICS line of teen-focused comic books scheduled to debut in early 2019.

The big announcement for fans of the Superman family of characters, was the news that Superboy (Connor Kent) would be returning, along with Impulse (Bart Allen) and Robin (Tim Drake), to form the nucleus of an all-new YOUNG JUSTICE title written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Patrick Gleason.

“It’s the time where everything is new,” Bendis said. “It’s the time of your first love, your first heartbreak.”

Conner Kent and friends will be joined by some new characters, including Ginny Hex, a descendant of Jonah Hex, and Teen Lantern, a young girl from Bolivia with the power of the Green Lanter Corps.

WONDER TWINS, written by Mark Russell with art by Stephen Byrne, will introduce the “Super Friends” cartoon duo of Zan and Jana (along with their pet alien monkey) to the DC Universe. Written by Mark Russell and drawn by Stephen Byrne, the alien teen siblings will be introduced as interns at the Hall of Justice.

Their form-changing abilities from the cartoon series will be retained for the comic book series. “Mark has found a way to make that very, very weird,” revealed Bendis. The teen siblings also have a psychic link, which is was described as “weird and gross”.