“Action Comics #1” with Rocket Stamp Sells for $3.4 Million

Auctioned off earlier this year via Heritage Auctions, the interestingly blemished copy of “Action Comics #1” has now sold privately for a record-breaking US$3.4 million.

This rare copy of “Action Comics #1” is aptly named “The Rocket Copy” because the front cover bears the stamped imprint of a rocket ship that was applied by the 13-year old who bought it off the stands in 1938.

Goldin, the leading collectibles marketplace, arranged the private sale in conjunction with Metropolis Comics of New York. The sale price is the highest ever paid for a copy of “Action Comics #1”.

Originally issued in 1938 and created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, “Action Comics #1” is one of the most widely-recognized comic books ever and is credited with helping launch the superhero genre. Graded CGC FN 6.0, the copy is in remarkably good condition for an original issue of its age.

“When you look at the cover of this comic and see Superman lifting a car, you feel a little bit like a superhero yourself,” said Ken Goldin, executive chairman and founder of Goldin. “That’s why superheroes were invented, to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. Handling the sale of this iconic comic is an honor and we’re glad that it has found a new home.”

Action Comics #1