A Look at the World of “Krypton” – Set Sketches from the TV Series

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at the sets for the locations we’ll see in the upcoming Syfy TV series “Krypton”.

Given the fact that the show would be taking us into parts of Krypton we rarely see, like living quarters, hangouts, and military bases, production designer Ondrej Nekvasil and the show’s producers had to establish some basic facts for the planet when it came time to design the show’s world, i.e. the sets. For example: What kind of planet is Krypton? What materials does it have? How would it compare to Earth? Is it ornate and architectural, or one that places more emphasis on surroundings being functional?

“We were trying to create a world that was believable,” Nekvasil tells EW. “The key thing is that on Krypton, all of the people on Krypton look like people on Earth. So, the scale of the set and the scale of the spaces has to be similar to what we know because the people live there.”

He continued, “Because life on the planet is kind of tough, they don’t do designs. If they make something, it’s because they use it and they would like to use it for life. It’s not because they would like to design something. We were trying to stay away from the over-design, over-dressed rooms. We were trying to show that everything has some kind of practical reason for why it’s there.”

Visit EW.com to read Nekvasil’s description of the following set design sketches and corresponding episodic images of some of the show’s most important sets, including The Fortress of Solitude, Fort Rozz’s War Room, Seg-El’s apartment, and Kem’s bar.

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