A Guide to Every Actor Who Has Played Superman

Writer Ed Gross at CloserWeekly.com has written a very comprehensive article documenting every actor to have played Superman over the past 80+ years.

“The thing that got to me,” said Richard Donner, director of Superman: The Movie, “is the idea of Superman appealing to our daydreams. How many of us have had a great desire to be Superman? To be impervious to pain and accomplish anything you set out to do? He’s there to help us, and wouldn’t we all like to be him for one minute? It’s a mythology that reaches what is real today. Most mythology is period in its setting. He just seems to have gone along with time so very well.”

Driving home that point, head over to CloserWeekly.com for a guide to actors who have worn the character’s blue and red uniform and played Superman over the years – some of whom will undoubtedly surprise you.

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March 22, 2020 11:10 pm

I’ve found something to love about every iteration of Superman, but my favorites have always been the more charismatic versions of the character. The Byrne era will always be my comic version of Superman, but in live action, I put Chris Reeve and George Reeves. They both were oozing charisma. I enjoyed dean cains Clark more than his Superman and unfortunately we never got to see Tom as supes. I feel like both Henry and Brandon were shortchanged in the writing dept. I’ve never blamed either one and wish they had the opportunity to really sink their teeth into the… Read more »