2022 SHIELD Award Winners

The SHIELD Awards
The Superman Homepage Indicator of Excellence in Literature and Design Awards

The voting booth for our 22nd annual awards ceremony for the world of Superman has closed!

Voting began on December 8, 2022 and ended at 11.59pm EST on December 21, 2022.

The SHIELD Awards gave you, the fans, the opportunity to voice your opinions about comic books with a 2022 cover date, Superman related Movies, TV shows, and Superman merchandise released in 2022.

Everyone who voted in the 2022 SHIELD Awards automatically went into the draw for a chance to win the Beast Kingdom DC Comics Dynamic 8-ction Heroes Superman Collectible Figure thanks to FUN.com.

The winner is: Randy Rhoades.

Congratulations! Your Beast Kingdom DC Comics Dynamic 8-ction Heroes Superman Collectible Figure will be sent to you shortly.

The results have been forwarded on to DC Comics, Warner Bros., The CW, and the various winners. Congratulations to those creative people involved!

Here are the results…

2022 SHIELD Award Winners


For the second year in a row, Phillip Kennedy Johnson takes out the award for fan favorite Comic Book Writer for his work on “Action Comics”.

Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) 31.5%
Mark Waid (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest) 28.8%
Robert Venditti (Superman ’78/World of Krypton) 12.3%
Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age) 9.6%
Tom Taylor (Superman: Son of Kal-El/Dark Knights of Steel) 5.5%
James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg (DC vs. Vampires) 4.1%
Greg Weisman (Young Justice: Targets) 2.7%
Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths/Justice League Incarnate) 1.4%
Meghan Fitzmartin (Dark Crisis: Young Justice) 1.4%
Danny Lore and Ivan Cohen (Multiversity: Teen Justice) 1.4%
Tom King (Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) 1.4%

BEST COMIC BOOK ARTISTS (Penciller/Inker team)

Wilfredo Torres was beaten out by Dan Mora this year, with Mora dazzling readers with his work on the “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest” comic book title.

Dan Mora (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest) 31%
Wilfredo Torres (Superman ’78) 11.3%
Daniel Sampere (Action Comics/Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths) 11.3%
Mike Allred (Superman: Space Age) 11.3%
Bilquis Evely (Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) 7%
Dale Eaglesham (Action Comics) 7%
Riccardo Federici (Action Comics) 4.2%
John Timms (Superman: Son of Kal-El) 2.8%
Laura Braga (Dark Crisis: Young Justice) 1.4%
Yasmine Putri (Dark Knights of Steel) 1.4%
Phil Hester (Justice League) 1.4%
Scott Godlewski (Justice League vs The Legion of Super-Heroes) 1.4%
Cian Tormey (Superman: Son of Kal-El) 1.4%
Christopher Jones (Young Justice: Targets) 1.4%
Mike Perkins (Action Comics) 1.4%
Brent Peeples (Action Comics) 1.4%
Fico Ossio (Action Comics) 1.4%
Miguel Mendonca (Action Comics) 1.4%


With Phillip Kennedy Johnson taking out the Best Writer award, it was little surprise to see his “Action Comics” run being voted Best Regular Superman Title in 2022 for the second year running.

Action Comics 47.9%
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest 39.7%
Superman: Son of Kal-El 12.3%

BEST SUPERMAN FAMILY BOOK (i.e. Other Superman-family comics)

With only two titles competing for this award this year “Justice League” was a clear winner for Best Superman Family Book for the third year in a row.

Justice League 63%
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow 37%

BEST ONE SHOT, LIMITED SERIES, OR GUEST APPEARANCE (i.e. Other Superman-related comics)

This was very close, but as good as the first two issues of “Superman: Space Age” have been, the final three issues of “Superman ’78” took out top spot in this category again in 2022.

Superman ’78 [final 3 issues] 28.8%
Superman: Space Age [2 issues] 24.7%
Earth-Prime #2: Superman and Lois 9.6%
World of Krypton [6 issues] 6.8%
Superman vs. Lobo [2 issues] 5.5%
Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths [5 issues] 5.5%
Dark Knights of Steel [7 issues] 5.5%
Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Superman #1 (One Shot) 2.7%
Justice League vs The Legion of Super-Heroes [6 issues] 2.7%
DC vs. Vampires [9 issues] 2.7%
DC: Mech [4 issues] 2.7%
Young Justice: Targets [4 issues] 1.4%


Phillip Kennedy Johnson does it again, with his “Warworld Saga” story from “Action Comics” edging out the “Kal-El Returns” story across the main titles.

Warworld Saga [7-parts] (Action Comics) 35.2%
Kal-El Returns (Action Comics/Superman: Son of Kal-El) 21.1%
The Devil Nezha [6-parts] (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest) 12.7%
World’s Finest Sons [2-parts] (Superman: Son of Kal-El) 8.5%
Strange Visitor [2-parts] (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest) 7%
Warworld Revolution [4-parts] (Action Comics) 5.6%
A World Without Clark Kent [3-parts] (Action Comics) 5.6%
Siege of Gamorra [2-parts] (Superman: Son of Kal-El) 4.2%


Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1
A very tight contest once again this year, but the ultimate winner is the very impressive cover to “Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1” by Steve Beach showing Superman in his Warworld attire.

Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 11.3%
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1 11%
Superman ’78 #3 (Variant Cover) 11%
Superman: Son of Kal-El #16 6.9%
Superman ’78 #6 6.9%
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #5 6.9%
Superman ’78 #5 5.6%
Superman: Space Age #1 5.6%
Action Comics #1038 5.6%
Action Comics #1042 (Variant Cover) 5.6%
Superman: Space Age #2 (Variant Cover) 4.2%
Earth-Prime #2: Superman & Lois 4.2%
Action Comics #1046 (Variant Cover) 4.2%
Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 (Variant Cover) 4.2%
Superman: Son of Kal-El #11 (Variant Cover) 1.1%
Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1 (Variant Cover) 1.1%
Superman ’78 #5 (Variant Cover) 1.1%


Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
“The Death of Superman” still resonates with fans, even 30 years later.

Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 27.4%
Superman ’78 24.7%
All Star Superman: The Deluxe Edition 9.6%
Death and Return of Superman Omnibus (2022 Edition) 9.6%
Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 7 5.5%
DC Poster Portfolio: George Perez 4.1%
Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Warworld Rising 4.1%
Superman: Birthright the Deluxe Edition 2.7%
Superman and The Authority 2.7%
Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 4 2.7%
The Fourth World by Jack Kirby Box Set 2.7%
52 Omnibus (2022 Edition) 1.4%
DCeased: Hope at World’s End 1.4%
Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 2 1.4%


Superman & Lois
Now in its second season, once again there was no beating “Superman & Lois” for this award.

Superman & Lois (TV Series) 71.2%
DC League of Super-Pets (Animated Movie) 12.3%
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (Animated Movie) 6.8%
With Thanks to Superman: 40 Years of Interviews, Reports, and Observations (Book) 5.5%
I am Superman – Stories Change the World (Book) 1.4%
DC League of Super-Pets: The Great Mxy-Up (Book) 1.4%
DC Worlds Collide (Mobile Video Game) 1.4%

BEST PRODUCT (i.e. Toys, Statues, Calendar, etc)

Future State: Worlds of War Superman Action Figure
Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s fingerprints are all over this year’s SHIELD Awards, with the McFarlane Toys Superman Warworld Action Figure the most popular product in 2022.

Future State: Worlds of War Superman Action Figure 23.9%
Superman & Lois Lane Fine Art Print by Julian Totino Tedesco 22.5%
DC Battle Superman vs. The Flash Racing Statue 14.1%
DC Comics Multiverse Build-a-Figure Crime Syndicate – Superman of Earth-3 (Ultraman) Action Figure (Target Exclusive) 7%
Funko POP! Heroes: DC – Superman Red Vinyl Figure 5.6%
Superman: Rebirth Superman Page Punchers 3-Inch Scale Action Figure 4.2%
XM Studios Superman Classic 1/4 and 1/6 Scale Statues 4.2%
Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Black Suit New 52 Superman Figure 4.2%
DC Heroes: Gingerbread Superman Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure 4.2%
Iron Studios Superman Black Suit Legacy Replica 1/4 Statue 2.8%
Comics Dynamic 8ction Heroes Superman (Black Suit) BBTS Exclusive Figure 2.8%
DC Comics Superman Bendyfigs Action Figure 1.4%
New Zealand Mint COMIX – Superman #1 1oz Silver Coin 1.4%


The Season 2 fiale “Season 2, Episode 15: Waiting for Superman” of this TV show was a winner with fans. As good as Episode 10 “Bizarros in a Bizarro World” was, it couldn’t surpass the final episode for Best Episode.

Season 2, Episode 15: Waiting for Superman 33.8%
Season 2, Episode 10: Bizarros in a Bizarro World 16.2%
I don’t watch “Superman & Lois” 14.9%
Season 2, Episode 14: Worlds War Bizarre 5.4%
Season 2, Episode 3: The Thing in the Mines 5.4%
Season 2, Episode 9: 30 Days and 30 Nights 4.1%
Season 2, Episode 11: Truth and Consequences 4.1%
Season 2, Episode 1: What Lies Beneath 4.1%
Season 2, Episode 5: Girl… You’ll Be a Woman, Soon 2.7%
Season 2, Episode 6: Tried and True 2.7%
Season 2, Episode 13: All Is Lost 2.7%
Season 2, Episode 12: Lies That Bind 1.4%
Season 2, Episode 7: Anti-Hero 1.4%
Season 2, Episode 8: Into Oblivion 1.4%


No surprise to see the Best Writer category follow the results for Best Episode, with Brent Fletcher and Todd Helbing winning this award for their work on the two best episodes of Season 2 of “Superman & Lois”.

Brent Fletcher and Todd Helbing (What Lies Beneath/Bizarros in a Bizarro World/Waiting For Superman) 48.6%
I don’t watch SUPERMAN & LOIS 14.9%
Kristi Korzec (The Ties That Bind/Into Oblivion/All Is Lost) 6.8%
Andrew N. Wong (The Inverse Method/Truth and Consequences) 6.8%
Juliana James (The Thing in the Mines/Into Oblivion) 5.5%
Max Cunningham (Anti-Hero) 4.1%
Rina Mimoun (Girl… You’ll Be a Woman, Soon/Lies That Bind) 4.1%
Adam Mallinger (Girl… You’ll Be a Woman, Soon) 2.7%
Katie Aldrin (The Thing in the Mines/30 Days and 30 Nights) 2.7%
Jai Jamison (The Inverse Method/30 Days and 30 Nights) 1.4%
Michael Narducci (The Ties That Bind/Anti-Hero/Worlds War Bizarre) 1.4%
Max Kronick & Patrick Barton Leahy (Tried and True) 1.4%


Even though the show is called “Superman & Lois,” I guess it’s really no surprise to see Tyler Hoechlin take out the Best Actor category again in Season 2. It was interesting to note that Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent), who didn’t poll even one vote last year, actually beat out Alex Garfin this year… and now he’s left the show…

Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent/Superman) 51.4%
Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane) 23%
I don’t watch SUPERMAN & LOIS 9.5%
Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent) 6.8%
Alex Garfin (Jordan Kent) 4.1%
Erik Valdez (Kyle Cushing) 2.7%
Emmanuelle Chriqui (Lana Lang Cushing) 1.4%
Tayler Buck (Natalie Irons) 1.4%


Sometime-villain, half-brother or unwilling hero, Adam Rayner (Tal-Rho) was a clear favorite amongst fans of “Superman & Lois” for Season 2 of the series.

Adam Rayner (Tal-Rho) 28.4%
Dylan Walsh (General Sam Lane) 21.6%
David Ramsey (John Diggle) 18.9%
I don’t watch “Superman & Lois” 14.9%
Jenna Dewan (Lucy Lane) 8.1%
Mariana Klaveno (Lara Lor-Van) 2.7%
Eric Keenleyside (Mayor George Dean) 1.4%
Daisy Torme (A.I. Voice) 1.4%
Danny Wattley (Coach Gaines) 1.4%
Wern Lee (Tag Harris) 1.4%

That concludes the SHIELD Awards for 2022. We look forward to an even better 2023 and another SHIELD Awards ceremony in a year’s time. Thank you all for your participation.

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