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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Episode Guide

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman debuted on September 12, 1993 on ABC Television, and ran for four seasons.

Dates given next to the episode titles are for the U.S. showings, unless otherwise stated.

Many thanks to Genevieve Clemens (NightSky@erols.com) who took over where Andrew Gould left off in writing up each episode for this Lois and Clark Episode Guide! :)
And also to Dom Melaragni (dom-mel@dial.pipex.com) who also helped out with a few episode reviews.

Lois and Clark Cast

Third Season


Third Season Cast Changes

Star: Olivia Brown
Mindy Church: Jessica Collins
Dr. Klein (S.T.A.R. Labs): Kenneth Kimmins
Dr. Maxwell Deter: Larry Poindexter
Ching: Jon Tenney
Sarah/Zara: Justine Bateman


Co-Executive Producers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner
Executive Producer: Robert Singer
Co-Producers: Chris Long, Grant Rosenberg, Jim Michaels
Producers: Philip J. Sgriccia, Jimmy Simons
Supervising Producers: Chris Ruppenthal, John McNamara
Co-Executive Producers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner
Executive Producer: Robert Singer


Lois reveals she had deduced that Clark was Superman and asks for time to consider whether to marry Clark. Meanwhile, Perry has separated from his wife. A new reoccurring character is Lois' psychic neighbor Star. After some ups and downs Lois and Clark become engaged and plan their wedding. A wedding occurs but Clark discovers he has married a clone of Lois. Lex Luthor has returned and had Lois abducted and replaced. Lois escapes but after an accident loses her memory. With the clone's assistance Clark finds Lois and Luthor. Superman saves Lois after a weapon used by Luthor causes his hideout to collapse. To cure her amnesia, Lois is admitted to a clinic for treatment. Her doctor (Maxwell Deter) at the clinic, however, manipulates Lois into loving him instead of Clark. Lois recovers her memories after being exposed to a criminal's brain-numbing device.

1) We Have a Lot To Talk About (September 17, 1995)
Continuing from And the Answer is..., Lois responds by revealing she had finally figured out Clark is Superman and will need time to think over getting married to Clark and Superman. Initially, Clark reacts as if Lois is rejecting him, but eventually understands and accepts Lois' response. Meanwhile, when Bill Church decides to reform and starts a civic group (The Church Group), his young new wife Mindy starts plotting with Bill Church Jr. to take over Intergang by framing Church Sr. as a bomber.

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2) Ordinary People (September 24, 1995)
Spencer Spencer (David Leisure) needs a new body, and his agents are leaving headless corpses in Metropolis. Lois and Clark's investigation leads them to Smiley's tropical island. On the island, Smiley finds Clark is Superman and using kryptonite traps him, leaving it up to Lois to save Clark.

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3) Contact (October 1, 1995)
When Lois starts having flashbacks of being abducted by aliens, Clark wonders if she's okay. But the flashbacks are of a hoax and are being triggered by computer tycoon Bob Fences (Patrick Labyorteaux). Fences plans to have Superman distracted by Lois' blackouts, while two other people have been conditioned to steal parts needed to alter a microwave transmitter. He will use the transmitter as a weapon to blackmail countries. Lois and Clark are helped by Lois' new neighbor Star, who is psychic. Clark decides that Lois is at risk being linked to Superman.

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4) When Irish Eyes Are Killing (October 15, 1995)
A former boyfriend of Lois, Patrick Sullivan comes to Metropolis and arranges a series of thefts of artifacts. He meets Lois at a bachelorette auction and starts romancing her, planning to sacrifice her as part of a ceremony where he'll use the artifacts to summon an ancient druidic power. Investigating the thefts as Clark, Superman manages to rescue Lois at the last moment. Romantically, Clark decides he can accept the risk of Lois marrying him despite the dangers their relationship seem to put her in, but now Lois has doubts.

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5) Just Say Noah (October 22, 1995)
When Star mentions to Lois that a couple are missing, Lois and Clark uncover a pattern of missing couples, and go undercover for couples therapy at Larry Smiley's retreat. With the channeling efforts of Star, they discover Smiley (Mac Davis) plans to use a device to flood the planet, while saving a few chosen people, including Perry and his wife Alice. Although Smiley deems them rejects, Lois and Clark use their experience at the retreat to reconcile their recent conflicts.

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6) Don't Tug On Superman's Cape (November 5, 1995)
A smug wealthy couple (Jonathan Frakes, Genie Francis) plot to add Superman to their private collection by using a criminal (Bad Brains Johnson) to get Lois as bait. Trapped in separate display cases, Lois and Clark use brainpower to escape. Also, Lois has a dream about Clark being James Bond.

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7) Ultra Woman (November 12, 1995)
Lucille and Nell Newtrich plan to shoot a red kryptonite beam at Superman to make him apathetic, so they can safely steal money. When they shoot the beam, though, apparently nothing happens. Clark finds, however, his powers have been transfered to Lois. Lois ends up learning about how it is to have superpowers, and reluctantly adopts the guise of Ultra Woman. When Clark is kidnapped, Ultra Woman saves him, and together they manage to stop the Netwriches, even when Lucille (Shelley Long) temporarily gets Superman's powers. After her experience, Lois decides to propose to Clark.

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8) Chip Off The Old Clark (November 19, 1995)
When a woman claims her son, Jesse, was fathered by Superman, but Clark denies it, Lois is hesitant. It turns out some of Superman's powers had been transfered to Jesse once when Superman saved a plane he and his mother were on and Superman was hit by lightning (as in Season 2's A Bolt from the Blue). When a hitman (Dave Coulier) sees Jesse being shown on tv, he plots to abduct the boy and use him to kidnap a foriegn president and launch missiles. Jesse's powers turn out to be temporary, fortunately.

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9) Super Mann (November 26, 1995)
Two years previously, three Nazi agents who had been in suspended animation are revived by Senator Truman Black, a friend of Perry. Now each successful celebrities, to prevent Superman from interfering they trick him into entering a mine and set off a nuclear device leaving him radioactive. While Superman is forced into isolation at S.T.A.R. Labs they begin their plan to take over the government, until Superman purges the radiation by flying to the sun.

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10) Virtually Destroyed (December 10, 1995)
Cowritten by Dean Cain.
Clark joins Lois for a demonstration of a virtual reality environment run by a Mr. Xavier. They experience a trip to Hawaii, and then Mr. Xavier apparently stops the simulation and they walk out into Metropolis. But after Clark finds his powers are gone and they see Superman, they find they are trapped in the simulation. Xavier ejects Clark and says Lois' mind will be trapped in the computer if Clark tries to remove the VR equipment. Clark as Superman goes and gets Jimmy's help to hack into Xavier's computers. Xavier is Lex Luthor's illegitimate son and hoped Lois knew the passwords he needs to access certain files in Luthor's computer network involving mind control. Xavier ends up trapped in the network, while Superman escapes with Lois and Jimmy. Romantically, Clark reveals to Lois his limited experience with being intimate.

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11) Home Is Where The Hurt Is (December 17, 1995)
Despite claiming to be involved only in a reputable cosmetics company, Mindy Church has taken over Intergang. With the help of Joey Bermuda, she manages to infect Superman with a virus from his kryptonian rocketship, and plans to kill Lois and Clark with a rigged microwave oven. After using kryptonite to cure Clark, Superman is back in action. Meanhile, Lois and Clark's parents are in town for Christmas and helping them. This help includes Dr. Lane's (Harve Presnell) creation Baby Gunderson, and Helen Lane (Beverly Garland) joining Lois in investigating Church.

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12) Never On Sunday (January 7, 1996)
While Lois and Clark make wedding plans, a Jamaican comes to Metropolis as magician Baron Sunday (Cress Williams) using voodoo to get revenge against Clark and others who following an intelligence operation ruined his repuation.

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13) The Dad Who Came In From The Cold (January 14, 1996)
When his dad comes to Metropolis, Jimmy learns his Dad is an intelligence agent. Together with Clark and Lois they end up preventing a coup planned by Jack Olsen's (James Read) NIA boss Trevanian, after Jimmy and S.T.A.R. Labs are able to decode information on a damaged laptop computer.

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14) Tempus Anyone? (January 21, 1996)
Having built a new time machine, Tempus returns and kidnaps Lois, taking her to an alternate dimension where Lois had died in 1993 and Clark is engaged to childhood friend Lana Lang (Emily Procter). In this dimension Lois meets H.G. Wells (Hamilton Camp)and convinces the dimension's Clark to adopt the public identity of Superman and foil Tempus' plans to become Metropolis' mayor.

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15) I Now Pronounce You ... (February 11, 1996)
Dr. Mamba (Tony Curtis) has been hired by Lex Luthor to use his knowledge of cloning using a rare type of frog, to clone the United States President. The President is abducted and his clone pardons Lex Luthor. Lois and Clark investigate after spotting an apparent secret service agent at a pet store. Meanwhile the upcoming wedding seems jinxed, but with Perry as minister, Clark gets married. But Lois has been replaced by a clone too, and being abducted for the still in love Lex Luthor!

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16) Double Jeopardy (February 18, 1996)
Lois' clone is confused and not particularly interested in being married to Clark, until he shows her that he is also Superman. Meanwhile, Lois continues to reject Lex Luthor's advances and eventually manages to escape. While Clark becomes suspicious of the clone, the clone decides to kill Lois so that only the clone will have Clark. But after an accident, Lois thinks she is Wanda Detroit, a character in an old novel she wrote. Wanda ends up working in a bar, until Lex and Clark find her. Lex tricks Wanda into thinking Clark is her enemy, and drives off with her.

17) Seconds (February 25, 1996)
At the beginning Luthor meets and declares war on Superman. Lex and "Wanda" break into S.T.A.R. Labs and steal two clone embryos, which Lex plans to use to transfer his and Lois' minds into. Meanwhile, the clone helping Clark has withdrawn money Lex left in a bank. But then she goes to Luthor hoping she'll help him. She tells him Clark is Superman, but he refuses to help. Luthor then obtains a government weapon that he hopes "Wanda" will use to kill Superman. He confronts Clark and the Kents with the weapon, and kidnaps Ma Kent. The clone follows and lets Clark know where Luthor and Lois are. When Superman finds Lois and Luthor, Lois is unable to shoot Superman. The weapon's disharge causes Luthor's hideout to collapse, and Superman gets Lois and his mother out leaving the clone who sacrificed herself and Luthor apparently dead. Injured during the collapse, Lois understands she isn't Wanda, but now has amnesia.

18) Forget Me Not (March 10, 1996)
While being treated at the Metropolis Neuroscience Center, Lois' doctor, Dr. Max Deter, tries to prevent her memories of Clark from being recovered. Instead he tries to make her love him and keep Clark away from Lois. Meanwhile, another doctor at the center is brainwashing patients into being perfect hired assasins, then desroying their minds. He is hired to kill Perry, and programs Lois to be the killer. But Lois and Clark's investigation lets Superman destroy the doctor's sound device.

19) Oedipus Wrecks (March 24, 1996)
Despite Dr. Deter's continued efforts with hypnosis, Lois recovers her memories of loving Clark, after being exposed to several tests of a brain-numbing device built by Herkimer Johnson (Daniel Roebuck) (brother of the late Bad Brains from Don't Tug on Superman's Cape) to control the world and impress his mother.

20) It's A Small World After All (April 28, 1996)
Story by Teri Hatcher
When Lois and Clark attend Lois' high-school reunion they learn two former classmates' partners are missing. It turns out jealous classmate, now successful cosmetics businesswoman Annette (Elizabeth Anne Smith) is having a dimwitted sidekick Hans distribute items that have a chemical that suddenly shrinks people. Annette wants revenge by shrinking the partners of her classmates, including Lois. After Clark tries a free shampoo with the chemical he slowly begins shrinking, and initially doesn't want Lois with him. However, together they end up shrinking Annette and freeing the victims she has been holding hostage.

21) Through A Glass Darkly (May 5, 1996)
Someone named Ching, assisted by a woman named Sarah, put Superman through a series of tests. They cause Superman to save a space station to test his strength. They leave a hidden bomb to test his intelligence. Then they leave two bombs to make him choose between saving Perry and Jimmy, or Metropolis. In Lois' apartment, Ching shows he knows Clark is Superman. In a final test at Clark's apartment, Ching has Superman risk passing through a kryptonite force field to stop Ching from killing himself. After Superman saves Ching, Ching agrees with Sarah that Clark is the one, before Ching and Sarah escape by flying off. Lois speculates that they are aliens. Later, Ching and Sarah discuss Clark, demonstrating they have some connection to Krypton. A voice intrudes saying that by finding Clark he will die. As a subplot, Lois and Clark have talked about whether to settle down after getting married.

22) Big Girls Don't Fly (May 12, 1996)
Ching and Sarah (kryptonian name is Zara) tell Clark that they are from a group of kryptonians who escaped before Krypton's end, and now live on another planet called New Krypton. They say Clark is supposed to marry Zara, and if he doesn't come with them Zara will have to marry an evil Lord Nor who will cause a civil war. Their story is confirmed when Clark and Zara together trigger a holographic message from Jor-El stored in Clark's rocket. After stopping Tez (Roger Daltrey), an assasin who can shapechange and imitate his prey, Clark and Lois agree he must leave Earth.