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Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
September 1: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent's adoptive father.
September 5: George Lazenby, Jor-El in the Superboy TV series, born in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia in 1939.
September 6: Justin Whalin, Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, born in 1974.
September 8: The Super Friends cartoon show makes its debut on ABC-TV in 1973.
September 10: Filmation's The New Adventures of Superman animated series premieres on CBS in 1966.
September 12: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman makes its debut on ABC-TV in 1993.
September 13: Artist Mike Grell (Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes) born in 1947.
September 15: Jackie Cooper, Perry White in the Superman films, born in Santa Monica, California in 1922.
September 16: Tommy Bond, Jimmy Olsen in two serials, Superman and Atom Man vs Superman, born in Dallas, Texas in 1926.
September 16: Writer Kurt Busiek (Superman & Action Comics) born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1960.
September 16: Steve Younis, owner of the Superman Homepage, born in 1971. :)
September 17: Bryan Singer, director of Superman Returns, born in New York, NY, USA in 1965.
September 17: Writer Roger Stern (Action Comics) born in 1950.
September 18: James Marsden, Richard White in Superman Returns, born in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1973.
September 19: The Adventures of Superman makes its debut on television in 1952 on Chicago's WENR.
September 22: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl.
September 22: Laura Vandervoort, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) in the TV series Smallville, born in Toronto, Canada in 1984.
September 23: Writer Peter David (Supergirl) born in 1956.
September 24: Tommy Bond, Jimmy Olsen in two serials, Superman and Atom Man vs Superman, dies in 2005, aged 79.
September 25: Christopher Reeve, star of the Superman films, born in New York, NY in 1952.
September 26: Writer Louise Simonson (Superman: The Man of Steel) born in 1946.
September 28: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Lex Luthor.

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Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane
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4% [2 Votes]

20% [11 Votes]

11% [6 Votes]

Maxwell Lord
Maxwell Lord
7% [4 Votes]

General Sam Lane
General Sam Lane
5% [3 Votes]

Red Tornado
Red Tornado
30% [17 Votes]

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Carter Grant
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August 11, 2015: Superman Comics Available This WeekPrint

Action Comics #43 PreviewsWorld.com has released the list of comic books and other items on sale this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list.

On sale date: August 12, 2015 (unless otherwise stated).

The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week, with all comics also available for digital download. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

Click on the comic book name to purchase its printed edition. Or click on the Kindle icon (Kindle) or iBooks icon (iBooks) next to a comic's title to download it in digital format.

Click on the magnifying glass icon (Sneak Peek) next to a comic's title for a sneak peek at the pages within.

August 11, 2015: Second Favorite Superhero - Poll ResultsPrint

Poll Position In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question:

Other than Superman, who is your next favorite DC Comics superhero?

The Dark Knight was the clear winner as your second favorite DC Comics superhero, with nearly half the votes. The Scarlet Speedster lost this race, coming in at second place, with Supergirl taking bronze.

Here's the complete breakdown:

47% [55 Votes]

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
6% [7 Votes]

The Flash
The Flash
15% [17 Votes]

Green Lantern
Green Lantern
7% [8 Votes]

3% [4 Votes]

2% [2 Votes]

Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter
3% [4 Votes]

2% [2 Votes]

11% [13 Votes]

4% [5 Votes]

August 10, 2015: Your Live Superman Radio Show - Radio KAL Live!Print

Radio KAL Live! The Superman Homepage hosts a LIVE "Radio KAL" broadcast every week for Superman fans to come chat "on air" about the Man of Steel.

Here's what took place in tonight's show:

Check Out Pop Culture Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SupermanHomepage on BlogTalkRadio

Our next show will be broadcast on Monday, August 17 at 7.30pm PDT in the U.S. (click here to check what time this is at your location).

To listen in visit www.SupermanHomepage.com/live at the designated time.

During the live broadcast you can phone (714) 242-6186 or click on the Skype icon (which will be available at the above link) during the show to be a caller and chat with us live "on air".

Subscribe to "Radio KAL Live!" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

August 10, 2015: Henry Cavill Talks About Previous Superman Casting OpportunitiesPrint

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill appeared on "Live with Kelly and Michael" on American television this morning, where he was promoting his new film "The Man from UNCLE", but also spoke briefly about "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and nearly playing Superman in a previous film.

August 10, 2015: New Characters and Villains Revealed at "Supergirl" PanelPrint

Supergirl Panel The cast and crew of "Supergirl" attended a panel at the Television Critics Association earlier today, where they explained their hopes and dreams for the highly-anticipated action drama.

    Calista Flockhart explained that the message of the show resonated with her, specifically the "girl power" speech she gives in the first look of the show.

    "I love that speech. One of the things I love about the show is that it's a celebration of girl power," she said. "I was attracted to the show because it's a great show for moms and daughters - there's a real family aspect of that."

So why isn't she called "Superwoman"?

    "Superwoman is a different character," she explained when asked why the show was called "Supergirl" instead of "Superwoman," while Berlanti added, "We knew going in that Supergirl might imply a younger audience but we thought we could take the power of the word back."

As to whether Superman will make an appearance in the show, DC Comics' Geoff Johns explained...

    "He will be a factor in her life but you won't see him exactly on screen; he'll be in the background but he does play a part in her evolution."

    "As much as we respect the history of Superman, it's very much [Kara/Supergirl's] point of view," Adler added.

While we've already heard about some familiar characters making their way from the comic books to the show, the producers revealed some additional characters and villains we can expect to see in season one...

    The producers revealed further details for the first season, including that Superman will be a big factor in Supergirl's life (though he might be more in the background), and the reveal of new characters. In addition to Lucy Lane, Livewire and Reactron, they're introducing Red Tornado, Non, and General Lane (General Lane is Lucy and Lois' father).

    They also gave some insight into how they cast Melissa Benoist, divulging that Warner Bros. President Peter Roth, upon seeing her screen test, said it was the closest thing he's seen since he saw Christopher Reeve.

    The cast of Supergirl already boasts an impressive array of actors, including most recently announced Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Lucy Lane, the younger sister of Lois Lane; Chris Browning as supercharged adversary, Ben Krull, aka Reactron; and Peter Facinelli as billionaire troublemaker Maxwell Lord.

Source: CBS.com and LAtimes.com

CBS also released a new promo teaser for the "Supergirl" TV series titled "A Hero Will Rise".

"Supergirl" premieres Monday, October 26 at 8:30pm ET on CBS, before moving into its regular 8.00pm Monday time slot.

August 10, 2015: Superman on TV - August 10-16Print

Superman on TV Below are the Superman related TV shows and movies scheduled for the week ahead in the USA and Australia. Anyone in other regions of the world who would like to contribute is more than welcome to add their listings in the comments section below.

United States of America

The movie "Hollywoodland", the film based on the life of "Adventures of Superman" TV actor George Reeves, will air in the U.S. on the SUNDANCE channel on Wednesday, August 12 at 2.45am; and again on Saturday, August 15 at 9.30am.

The movie "Superman Returns" will air in the U.S. on HBO on Wednesday, August 12 at 1.35pm; and again on Saturday, August 15 at 11.30am.

Henry Cavill will appear as a special guest on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, August 12 at 11.35pm airing on NBC.

The animated movie "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" will air in the U.S. on MOMAX on Thursday, August 13 at 6.10am; and again on Sunday, August 16 at 5.50am.

The "I Love Lucy" episode titled "Lucy and Superman" (guest starring George Reeves as Superman) will air on HALLMARK on Thursday, August 13 at 5.30am.

The "Smallville" episode titled "Whisper" will air on TNT on Thursday, August 13 at 5.00am, followed by "Delete" at 6.00am.

Episodes of the 1950s "Adventures of Superman" TV series air on MeTV in the U.S. on Saturday from 6.00pm. This week's episodes are:
Saturday, August 15 - "The Phony Alibi" at 6.00pm and "The Prince Albert Coat" at 6.30pm.

You may also want to check NetFlix.com, as they sometimes have a number of Superman and/or Justice League TV shows and movies available to watch online.


In Australia, the Robot Chicken episode titled "Victoria's Secret of Nimh", in which Jor-El gives some very helpful advice to Superman, will air on Cartoon Network on Wednesday, August 12 at 6.15am.

In Australia, the "Battle" episode of the documentary "Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle" will air on BBC Knowledge on Thursday, August 13 at 2.35pm.

In Australia, you can catch Henry Cavill's appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon on E! on Thursday, August 13 at 10.30pm; repeated again on Friday, August 14 at 10.30am and 5.30pm; and Saturday, August 15 at 9.30pm.

In Australia, the animated movie "LEGO Justice League: Batman Be-Leagured" will air on Cartoon Network on Sunday, August 16 at 9.00am.

In Australia, episodes of the "Young Justice: Invasion" animated series air on the following days on Cartoon Network. This week's episodes are:
Monday, August 10 - "War" at 11.35pm
Tuesday, August 11 - "Complications" at 11.35pm
Wednesday, August 12 - "The Hunt" at 11.35pm
Thursday, August 13 - "Intervention" at 11.35pm
Friday, August 14 - "Summit" at 11.35pm
Saturday, August 15 - "Endgame" at 11.35pm
Sunday, August 16 - "Happy New Year" at 11.35pm

In Australia, episodes of the "Young Justice" animated series air on the following days on GO! (99). This week's episodes are:
Sunday, August 16 - "Humanity" at 3.30pm
Sunday, August 16 - "Failsafe" at 4.00pm

If there's anything I've missed please don't hesitate to let me know.

August 9, 2015: Executive Producer Sarah Schechter Talks "Supergirl"Print

Supergirl At last month's San Diego Comic-Con, Executive Producer Sarah Schechter spoke with media in a round table interview setting about the upcoming "Supergirl" TV series.

    "This is not a story about Superman," Schechter promised. "This is a story about Supergirl, who people really should know about. What's great about Supergirl as opposed to Superman is that she spent 13 years living on Krypton as a normal girl with no powers, and then not only does she have the trauma of everyone that she knows being killed, she comes to a world that tells teenage girls to suppress what makes them special. She comes to a world that tells teenage girls 'you should fit in. You shouldn't be all of you if it's different or weird.' So what's great about this story - and what makes it so interesting and so rich and so fun - is that for me, that's more relatable. I wasn't born with super powers, but what Kara's experiencing in this show is coming to terms with everything that she can be, and embracing who she is, and the things that make her different are also that make her great, and I think that as a message is so important and so relatable," she said.

Source: KryptonSite

August 8, 2015: Melissa Benoist Prepares to Take Flight as SupergirlPrint

Melissa Benoist The Denver Post has published an article about Melissa Benoist as she prepares to take flight as Supergirl in the upcoming CBS television series. Here's part of the article...

    Benoist wasn't a comic book fan as a kid. She grew up watching Michael Keaton play "Batman" and got into Marvel ("that's sacrilegious to say now") through a boyfriend in college. She perfectly understands Kara's personality when she's not Supergirl, she said. "She's unsure, shy, awkward, just trying to survive in an environment where she can't be her true self. I really can relate, although I've always had a little more comfort in my own skin. I'm OK being weird."

    She's ready to deliver a positive message to young girls: "Everyone has the potential to be what they want to be," she said.

    "Nothing against Wonder Woman, but I like how modest (Supergirl) is. It's not anything about sex appeal, it's not about anything but her strength and her drive and how motivated she is to make a difference for the better."

Read the entire article at the Denver Post website.

August 7, 2015: Superman Homepage "Speeding Bulletin" News VideoPrint

Speeding Bulletin Here's the "Speeding Bulletin" video report for the period July 31 to August 6, 2015.

The "Speeding Bulletin" is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman. It also includes the "Great Scott!" segment brought to you by Scotty V.

Subscribe to the "Speeding Bulletin" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

Merchandise seen in this episode:

August 6, 2015: Our Exclusive Interview with John Romita Jr. about "Superman"Print

On Wednesday, August 5 at Bryant Park in New York City, New York, celebrated comic artist John Romita, Jr. attended the graphic novel launch of SUPERMAN: THE MEN OF TOMORROW, collecting the acclaimed run of Romita, Jr. and best-selling writer Geoff Johns on the monthly SUPERMAN comic series.

Superman Homepage reporter T.A. Ewart was granted a few minutes with John for an exclusive one-on-on video interview about his work on "Superman".

Superman #45 Meanwhile, Newsarama also attended the event in New York and asked John their own questions. Here's an excerpt from that interview...

    Let's talk about your visual approach. How did your ideas about drawing the character evolve since you've been on the book?

    Romita: Oh boy, that's a good question, and it was such a long, agonizing process.

    The very first promotional sketch I ever did was so bad. I had changed the face a little bit - it wasn't good enough - and interestingly enough, that first poor image got onto the internet. And I got such hate mail over that that I couldn't even get a chance to explain, that was just the very first thing I ever did! Calm down! I made a mistake!

    And then I did another version, and Dan DiDio said, "Straighten his nose out! Not every character's an Italian, Romita! Give him a straight nose - this is Superman!"

    So it was growing pains with the character. And I laugh now in retrospect. But yeah, I had to adjust a little and learn that the character had to look a certain way, but without copying anybody.

    The adjustment period was just that. It wasn't drastic. I had a couple of bad sketches when I first did it, and then I got better as I got going.

    Now I feel more comfortable. I'm getting used to it, and I'm actually having fun with it. The shape of the face... his nose is a little bit less perfect, because he got his clock cleaned by Ulysses.

    I'm really enjoying the character much more.

Read the rest of that interview at the Newsarama website.

August 6, 2015: Gwenda Bond is Writing a Second Lois Lane NovelPrint

Lois Lane: Double Down Twitch Press has announced that author Gwenda Bond will follow up her "Lois Lane: Fallout" novel with a sequel in May next year, titled "Lois Lane: Double Down".

    Lois Lane has settled in to her new school. She has friends, for maybe the first time in her life. She has a job that challenges her. And her friendship is growing with SmallvilleGuy, her online maybe-more-than-a-friend. But when her friend Maddy's twin collapses in a part of town she never should've been in, Lois finds herself embroiled in a dangerous mystery that brings her closer to the dirty underbelly of Metropolis.

You can pre-order the book from our Online Store ahead of its release in May 2016.

Thanks to member Certainshades for the lead on this info.

August 6, 2015: Gene Luen Yang Talks to Superman's Immigrant ExperiencePrint

Action Comics #45 In a video interview conducted during last month's San Diego Comic-Con, ComicBookResources.com sat down with new "Superman" writer Gene Luen Yang about his excitement being given the task to write DC's flagship character and identifying with Superman's immigrant experience.

    "There's always this dual identity," Yang said. "Superman basically code switches. That's what he's doing. For me, I had one language at home, one set of expectations at home; another language at school, another set of expectations at school. I had one name at home; another at school. I had to navigate between the two. I imagine Siegel and Shuster were exactly the same way as the children of Jewish immigrants growing up in New York. And that's what Superman does."

Source: ComicBookResources.com

Superman Homepage News ArchivesPrint

For older News items please check the News Archives.