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Noteworthy Superman dates to remember...
August 7: John Glover, Lionel Luthor in Smallville, born in Salisbury, Maryland in 1944.
August 7: Writer Paul Dini (Superman: The Animated Series) born in 1957.
August 7: Michael Shannon, Zod in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1974.
August 7: Eric Johnson, Whitney Fordman in Smallville, born in Edmonton, AB in 1979.
August 9-10: Dean Cain appearing at Steel City Con at the Monroeville Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.
August 12: Young Justice: The Complete First Season released on Blu-ray.
August 14: Phyllis Thaxter, Martha Kent in Superman: The Movie, dies in 2012, aged 90.
August 15: Scott Cranford, the official town Superman of Metropolis Illinois from 2000-2007, born in 1967.
August 16: Superman Plaque dedication taking place at 5400 Wilbur Ave, Tarzana, California.
August 17: Traditionally recognized as the birthday of Lois Lane.
August 20: Amy Adams, Lois Lane in 2013 Man of Steel movie, born in Aviano, Italy in 1974.
August 24: In 1993, Superman returns from the dead in Superman #82.
August 28: Writer and artist Jack Kirby (Superman's Pal: Jimmy Olsen) born in 1917.
August 30: Glenn Ford, Jonathan Kent in Superman: The Movie, dies in 2006, aged 90.

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A Bereaved Father

August 8, 2014: More Behind-the-Scenes "Batman v Superman" FootagePrint

Dawn of Justice Fan Dan Newman was on location once again today capturing behind-the-scenes footage as Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck continue filming scenes for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" in Detroit, Michigan.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder called in to Detroit's 97.1 "The Ticket" radio show after hearing the hosts giving Aquaman a bad wrap, pointing out to them that Aquaman is actually quite capable, and has a trident that can "cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact … he's super strong."

    "It's not to say that he's in the movie or anything like that," Snyder teased. "But he has the potential to be bad ass."

Source: Yahoo

August 8, 2014: "Superman Earth One: Vol 3" Cover RevealedPrint

Superman: Earth One - Vol 3 Nerdist.com gives us our first look at the cover for the highly anticipated "Superman Earth One: Vol 3" by J. Michael Straczynski and Ardian Syaf.

The hardcover volume isn't expected to be released until next year.

August 8, 2014: Who is the Masked Superman in "Futures End"?Print

Futures End Newsarama.com caught up with Dan Jurgens to get some further insight into who the masked Superman is in the weekly series "Futures End", with many calling into question the character's attitude. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    "I don't think of him as a jerk, but again, he's certainly different and has a bit of an edge to him... The word I use is 'direct,' and I think any time you see a character do anything, or you hear a character speak or read his word balloons, whatever it might - all those things should offer insight into who that character is, and why he might be doing what he's doing.

    "And to emphasize again, we're dealing with a world - a post-war world - that has to be different and has to have changed these characters somehow. And yes, this Superman you're seeing now is more direct than the Superman you would have been familiar with five years earlier."

Read the full article at Newsarama.com.

August 8, 2014: Has Jena Malone Been Cast in "Batman v Superman"?Print

Jena Malone Jena Malone, one of the stars of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", who also worked with Zack Snyder on "Sucker Punch", was spotted on set with the director for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" today, leading to speculation that she may appear in the film.

Photo: ElShumway

August 8, 2014: Superman Homepage "Speeding Bulletin" News VideoPrint

Speeding Bulletin Here's the "Speeding Bulletin" video report for the period August 1-7, 2014.

The "Speeding Bulletin" is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman. It also includes the "Great Scott!" segment brought to you by Scotty V.

Subscribe to the "Speeding Bulletin" via iTunes or your favorite Podcatcher.

Merchandise seen in this episode:

August 8, 2014: Superman Homepage Caption ContestPrint

Welcome to the Superman Homepage Caption Contest! The rules are simple. Just click on the Comments link below to leave a caption for the following image.

Caption Contest

Leave as many captions as you can think of, but keep it family friendly. Captions deemed to be outside our Caption Contest Guidelines will be deleted at our discretion.

In the end, there can be only one winner. The winner will be decided by Steve Younis, your Caption Contest compere.

The winner will be announced when the next new Caption Contest is posted. While there's no physical prize, the winner will gain the praise and admiration of their fellow Superman fans.

Speaking of which, the winner of the previous Caption Contest was:

Previous Caption Contest Sven-El:
"Say, Jim, that's one bad hair cut! Woo!"

Check out the Caption Contest Archives to see the list of runners-up.

Note: You need to be a member of the Superman Homepage to leave a comment, but it's free, so sign up and join the fun!

August 8, 2014: Henry Cavill Supports Durrell Wildlife ParkPrint

Cavill Conservation On August 6 Henry Cavill returned home to the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands to visited Durrell Wildlife Park to meet Lee Durrell and the team. Watch the video below to see why Henry loves Durrell.

"I'm enormously proud to be part of a team that makes such a huge positive impact on the world. Durrell is an organisation with a mission I can really get behind. I feel that saving the diversity of life on our planet will be seen as increasingly important in the not-too-distant future. I genuinely believe that Durrell provide hope for those endangered animals that others may have given up on already. They 'do the seemingly impossible'; I would be truly humbled if I help to make that possible."

Visit CavillConservation.com for further details and to help suport this worthy organization.

August 7, 2014: "Batman v Superman" Car Chase FilmedPrint

Preparation and filming for a car chase scene continued to take shape in dowtown Detroit around Griswold, Fort and Congress streets today for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice".

    There were plenty gawkers and plenty security folks and production assistance with headphone sets telling people not to videotape or take photos during actual scenes. Not everyone listened.

    One scene included a security vehicle zipping out of the alley between the Ford and Penebscot buildings on Griswold. Spectators were enthralled.

    The film crews and security did a lot of standing around between short filming scenes. Ben Affleck was nowhere to be seen, but there were rumors that he might be on the set tomorrow.

    Crews are expected to return to the area on Friday and Saturday.

Filming Car Chase Scene
Filming Car Chase Scene
Filming Car Chase Scene
Filming Car Chase Scene

You can watch a quick 5 second video of part of the car chase on Instagram.

Source: DeadlineDetroit.com and TheBananaDoc

August 7, 2014: LEGO Variant Covers for November ComicsPrint

Superman/Wonder Woman #13 Batman/Superman #16 Entertainment Weekly gives us our first look at a couple of LEGO-style variant covers for comic books due out in November, which will tie in to the release of the new video game "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham".

    Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham hits videogame consoles later this year, and to celebrate the arrival of the most important Bat-threequel since The Dark Knight Rises, DC Comics is going Full Block in November. Several of DC's biggest comics will offer Lego-ized variant covers to spotlight the Lego versions of the biggest DC icons.

Pictured here are the LEGO variant covers for "Batman/Superman #16" and "Superman/Wonder Woman #13".

August 7, 2014: Young Justice to Return in "Teen Titans GO!"Print

Young Justice Fans of the animated TV series "Young Justice" will be thrilled to hear that their favorite young superheroes will return... if only briefly... for an appearance on the current animated series "Teen Titans GO!".

    We received word back from Warner Bros Animation, who made this 100% official - yes, Young Justice will be on an episode of Teen Titans GO! this year. While they couldn't reveal too much just yet, we did get the official logline (description) of the episode, and it sounds like they're directly addressing the considerable difference in tone between the two series.

    "After being scolded by the superhero team from Young Justice for their silliness and hijinks, the Titans decide to get more serious about superheroing."

We'll keep you posted on when this episode is scheduled to air on Cartoon Network.

Source: Newsarama.com

August 7, 2014: Henry Cavill Raising Money in Gibraltar ROCK RunPrint

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill will take some time off from "Batman v Superman" to help raise money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund by participating in the Gibraltar ROCK Run in October.

A fundraising page at JustGiving.com has been set up for fans to make donations to the cause, with the following personal message from Henry Cavill himself...

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page and donating to my charity The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

    I chose to support this charity, not only because of my obvious familial connection, but because of the deep respect I have for the Royal Marines as men and as a corps.

    I am taking a short break from filming to run, with 350 other participants, from Casemates Square to the 1,300ft summit of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Make your donation at JustGiving.com.

August 7, 2014: "Batman v Superman" Filming Forces Temporary Street and Business ClosuresPrint

Dawn of Justice The Detroit Free Press outlines some of the business and street closures that have come about to make way for more filming taking place in downtown Michigan this week and early next week.

    Downtown offices are making adjustments for the filming. According to a Comerica spokeswoman, the Michigan headquarters on Lafayette and the bank branch at Fort and Washington will keep normal business hours. The branch’s Fort entrance will be closed starting Thursday and is expected to reopen Monday. Customers are asked to use the Washington entrance in the interim.

    A parking lot opposite the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse on Lafayette had signs Wednesday saying it was closed by police order. It contained a few trucks and about five giant wind fans. A spokesman for the U.S. District Court said the Fort entrance will be closed starting Thursday and through the end of the week.

    At PenzDetroiT on Fort, owner Alex Lebarre said his fine pens and business case store is just outside the closed filming zone. He predicted some workers inside the closed streets might decide to take Thursday or Friday off.

    The trail of hints that shooting is brewing included accumulating traffic cones, extra security guards, a parking lot closed by police orders, and so on.

    Indications are that the portion of downtown bordered roughly by Lafayette and Jefferson and Cass and Griswold will be the zone of interest starting Thursday and running through the weekend.

Source: Detroit Free Press.

Another report from ClickOn Detroit struggled to find out anything from Corktown...

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Fan Dan Newman grabbed some video footage of Zack Snyder on location prepping the reported car chase scene that looks set to take place within the next week:

August 6, 2014: "Batman v Superman" Moves to March 25, 2016Print

Dawn of Justice Reports are that Warner Bros. has moved the release date of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" from May 6, 2016 up to March 25, 2016.

The move may well have something to do with the apparent clash over the May release date with the third "Captain America" film, although a source within Warner Bros. told The Wrap, "Not flinching - it's a fantastic corridor for us".

Warner Bros. will also release the film in 3D.

Warner Bros. also announced dates for nine untitled DC Comics films between 2016 to 2020.

Aug. 5, 2016: Untitled DC Film
June 23, 2017: Untitled DC Film
Nov. 17, 2017: Untitled DC Film
March 23, 2018: Untitled DC Film
July 27, 2018: Untitled DC Film
April 5, 2019: Untitled DC Film
June 14, 2019: Untitled DC Film
April 3, 2020: Untitled DC Film
June 19, 2020: Untitled DC Film

Source: TheWrap.com and Variety.com.