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Super Experiences
As we all know life is often full of unique and interesting experiences so I thought i would throw this out there. Looking back at your life pertaining to things SMallville or Superman realted what are some of the most unique or interesting experiences you have had. Is it meeting someone a cast member from one of the shows or tv series, was it geting something signed by someone who work on one of the comic books, finding a unusal collectable, seeing one of the movies or episode from one of the series with a loved one or something else. There is no right or wrong reply here but just curious on hearing some interesting Super themed experiences to see if anybody has had similar ones or just to hear/read some interesting situations/experiences. After a few replies I might post a few of mine.
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I remember meeting Josh Elder at Heroes Con and really enjoying it. I'd rarely met anyone with such enthusiasm for Superman, and it was the first time I'd met someone who shared my thoughts on Superman Returns.

I'm sure I have some others, but that's all I got right now.
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