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issue id help: lost powers
here's another one i'm trying to pin down, im guessing late sixties to mid seventies...

Superman has lost all of his powers and become totally mortal. Despite this, he fashions a new superhero identity. Name totally slips my mind, im thinking it starts with O (omega, orion??) but the sense of the word is something closer to 'phoenix'. New costume has a circular logo (circle of triangles?) and the colors are different.

Can anyone identify the issue??

Many thanks in advance...
Hm. There are a lot of stories where Superman loses his powers, either voluntarily or by some dastardly plot, like in Superman #160 and much more recently, the Superman & the Legion of Superheroes arc. I don't seem to recall the story you're talking about though. The only thing that comes to mind is the Wonder-Man story, but that's not it.
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are u sure he lost his powers because based on logo it sounds like u could be talking about gangbuster who at one time i think superman masquerade himself as or forgot he was superman and dressed as gangbuster.
Is this it?


World's Finest #178 (Sep 68)

Superman loses his powers and uses a flying cape (from Leonardo Da Vinci) to become NOVA.
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Thats 100% exactly the comic I was looking for, thank you.

You are most welcome!
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