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issue id help please: gargoyles?
this is one of those 'stuck in memory from childhood' things that i'd love to clear up...

What issue features superman dealing with an underground civilization of gargoyles? If i recall correctly, they hatched from eggs?

Would have been mid-to-late 60s to mid 70s comic... Ring a bell for anyone?
are u sure you have the time frame correct cause i know after the byrne reboot there was a story where a baddie called skyhook (i think) who kidnapped kids and transformed them into gargoyle like creatures.
Oh, yeah, those Skyhook stories were great. It seems rockandroller grew up in the 60s and 70s, so maybe it isn't Skyhook to which he's referring.
Easy, miss. I've got you.

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Is this the cover?


Superman #251 (May 72)

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since he or she was not certain about time frme and some would not expect a baddie like skyhook to be in a book that came out in any other time frame but the 60ies or 70ies.
hmm... 251 is a distinct possibility - timeframe is right, and I do recognize that cover. (though I probably saw 100s of dc covers that year!)

The cover art doesn't really jive with what I recollect was the 'tone' of the story, but I think that was pretty common for the time (covers being somewhat 'sensationalistic'...)
I wish I still had my 70s and early 80s stuff. (I sold a bunch off in the mid80s while in the USAF and moving frequently.) If I still had that issue I'd be able to scan some of the story for you.

This was my first thought:


I totally forgot about that issue. Hopefully that is the one!

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