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Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane
robert morrison
Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane is great. what guy didn't fall in love with her?

I really love her in Seasons 1 and 2. She was soo Beautiful.

But i didn't like her hair change or her clone in Season 3.

What did you like about Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane and What didn't you like?
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For me she's one of the best Lois Lanes of all the tv-shows/movies.
She acted great showing that she sometimes was really sensitive but diddn't want to show it to the rest of the characters.
I also liked it that her appearance looks kind of like a sweet girl but then she shows she can be very tough and defend herself in arguments and in fights.
And ofcourse she is gorgeous and very sexy in some of the outfits during the show!
Really liked Teri's portrayal of Lois.
She had sass, was very smart and had just the right amount of sweetness too.
Didn't care for the shorter haircut in the later Season's of Lois & Clark.
IMHO she looked a lot better with the longer hair.
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