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The Baby
robert morrison
In the final episode where did that baby come from? Who put it on the doorstep? Who are its parents?
Seems like that was a cliffhanger for season 5 which never happened. The comics delayed Lois and Clark's wedding until it happened on the show. It could be that the baby "might" have been incorporated in the comics in some fashion, but it's fun to speculate.

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I cannot recall who it was that said it but at the time someone with ties to the show stated if the season had not been shortened I think it was revealed that HG Wells brought the kid from the future.
OOOOOHHH!!!! I just had a thought!! H.G. Wells decides to give Tempus a taste of his own medicine (Irony) and takes Baby Tempus (an orphan) back to the 1990s to be raised as the son of Superman!
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