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Help! A hp Notebook laptop question...
Anthony Arfuso
Would anyone happen to have a clue what specific art programs a hp notebook laptop is compatible with? I usually use "Corel Photo-Paint 8" to do my work but since changing over to this specific laptop it will no longer allow me (and apparently others have experienced the same) proper access to it. Anyone happen to know what art programs are compatible with this particular laptop? :/

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, I really don't know. Did you ask a local technician or visit a tech shop?
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Anthony Arfuso
I did (visit a tech shop) but surprisingly the ones I've asked around at unfortuntely don't know either. =/
Actually what I would of done is contact HP themselves and say what kinds of things you want to do and ask if they have a laptop that could do it or if they themselves could custom make a laptop to do what you want to do. I like to think in someways I am kind of knowledgble in the world of computing so when I was looking I took not of things I would hope to be able to do and then my stepdad who is more knowledgable then I said ok here is what you got lets see if we can bump those things up a bit better with the idea that it would either eliminate the idea of having to do a update or upgrade and if not eliminate extend the time period we could get by without having to worry about a update or upgrade unless something major changed.
Anthony Arfuso
Unfortunately I didn't get to personally choose/buy the laptop I am truly greateful to own for it was given to me as an early Birthday/Christmas present at the time y'see. =/ I don't know what to do now come what particular art program is supposed to be compatible with it.
Ok well then contact HP and tell them the laptop you own and explain them what you want to do and which art program they think would work the best with what you have got.
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