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Justin Hartley as .... Clark Kent
Recently I introduced a friend of mone to the world of SMallville and after watching all the episodes he asked me if JH was cast as Clark and Tom as Oliver if I think it would of been a different kind of show? I f I thought it would of made any difference in the quality of the show. I told hime I had to think on it. So anyway what do you all think and while at it what if a regular was cast in a different regular character who would you say/suggest and like the above do you think that would mean a different show. Hope you can understand my questions.
robert morrison
Justin Hartley looks nothing like Clark Kent, Tom Welling was the best choice for the role of Clark, I didn't really like Justin Hartley's Oliver Queen he had a bad guy vibe to him, he was in too many episodes and why did they have him date Lois
"People are afraid of what they don't understand" - Jonathan Kent
cause bruce wayne/batman was not availbe. i think i heard the reason for their relationship was to have it so ok so now that lois is a regular on the show she does not have to be right away be paired with lex now that their is no lana.
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