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Superman / Shazam DVD
First of I apologize was not sure if I should put this here or in the merchandise forum. ANyway I am hoping someone can help me out. Quite sometime ago DC put out A DVD which had a short cartoon all nmew with Superman, Captain MArvel and Black Atom. Now while this was new it also contained much shorter cartoons that were origianlly on 2 disc versions of some of the DC Annimated features. I own this and according to the packaging if I read/understood things correctly the had extra stuff that was not included with thiem on the 2 disc versions. Can anyone verify this was the case and if you know what was added I have never seen the originals.
I guess you mean "The Return of Black Adam" from the DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection. As far as I know there should be three other shorts on the collection featuring the Spectre, Green Arrow, and Jonah Hex.

The Jonah Hex one is great.
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I watched it on Netflix and it was the same three shorts...well they were all short even the "feature" title.
You both are corerect with what i am talking about but you mis read my question I know the Spectre, Jonah and GA are not original but the Black Atom was. Now the GA, Jonah and Spectre were also found on 2 disc versions of some of the the regular 2 disc edition of some of the DC annimated movies. SOrry not sure which ones. ANyway if I understood correctly the one on what I have says there is extra stuff in those that were not on included in their original version and I was asking for someone who has seen both versions if this is correct and if it is correct what the differences are. I do not own all the DC 2 disc editions yet.
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