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Truth, Jawlines And The American Way: The Changing Face Of Superman
Just thought you guys would enjoy this NPR blog post about the various "faces" of superman over the years.

Steve has also put it up on the news feed. It's a decent little read.
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When I was taking a class on communications between the sexes, the subject of how attraction affects communication came up, we went over a study that was done with data from several universities.

Each university surveyed women on the most attractive features in a man, without race in mind, the most common description was 6 feet to 6 foot 4 inches tall, black or dark brown hair, blue eyes, strong/define jaw line, cleft chin, athletic/muscular, with strong legs and chest.

After we went over that I said "So a majority of women have a underlining attraction to Superman?"
It got some laughs, then the instructor clicked to the next slide and BOOM there was a picture of Superman. And there was some talk and laughs about it, then we moved on.

This article made me think of that.

There's a program on human sexuality that aired on the Discovery Channel (USA) that went over the same study. If you can find it check it out, it's pretty interesting.
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