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Is the man of steel cast better than superman: the movie cast?
robert morrison
Is the cast for man of steel better than the superman: the movie cast?
robert morrison
i guess we won't really know until we've seen man of steel.
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a young tony curtis
Well we dont have the full cast list yet,so we cant compare the two movies at the moment,but both movies have a lot of quality,although a better cast doesn't guarantee a better movie.
Also we may still be getting some more big hitters for Man of Steel,
Lex,Lana,Perry,possibly General Lane,Jimmy and maybe other characters we dont expect.
I'm going to laugh on this one and say no. Why not cast Al Pacino or Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El? On the other hand, Pacino's nose is too big.

But Russell Crowe as Jor-El? I see that because he's a star. Unless he turns into the character, then I'll buy it.

I know it wouldn't be considered a fantastic cast if they have Billy Zane playing Lex Luthor, but I think he'd do great. He looks the part and has the voice.

If not him, then maybe Jason Issacs. He might be too old though.

What makes a good cast is if the actors, are GOOD actors, not if they're all famous. I have the same problem with Amy Adams and Kevin Costner.

I could see that there may be a reason why Snyder cast Amy Adams as Lois, since we haven't seen her play sassy before.

I don't think casting Kevin Costner as Jonathan would have been necessary.

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meh, I'd say it's a wash. I know I'm in the minority here on this, but I've never been particularly impressed with Superman The Movie. Reeves was Ok and everyone else chewed scenery like a small town theatre troup on their first attempt at a campy melodrama.
A cast is a cast. They're just names until we actually see performances. Even if it's a well known star, it doesn't mean they're guaranteed to turn in a great performance. Gene Hackman is a great actor and he was in movies like The French Connection and The Royal Tennenbaums, yet he turned in a pretty campy performance as Lex Luthor in those movies.
a young tony curtis
Come on baalroo,you know how to spell "Reeve" by now! Wink
Superman the movie
Brando was hardly in it
Hackman was awful as Lex
Kidder was ok
Chris Reeve was great
The movie would have been poorer without Reeve,he had the magic.
Man of Steel has a better cast,and the acting will be superior (obviously I can see the future!).
I dont think so! Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, Susannah York?

Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner are big stars but are not yet in the legendary category of Hackman and Brando, in my book

But its a good cast list and shows the pull of Superman. In fact most of the recent comic book movies, Marvel or DC have seen some pretty big names...Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 1 for example, Sir Anthony Hopkins in Thor etc.
Henry Cavill /Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams /Lois Lane
Russell Crowe / Jor-El
Kevin Costner / Jonathan Kent
Diane Lane / Martha Kent
Michael Shannon / Zod
Antje Traue / Faora

yes the cast of man of steel is so much better then that of superman the movie .

snyder cast the greatest actor of all time , oscar winner Russell Crowe as jor el in the man of steel .

amy adams is more talented then kidder .

Henry Cavill will avoid typecasting and have a long and productive acting career .

the cast is just so much better .

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>Supereyes wrote:

What makes a good cast is if the actors, are GOOD actors...

And good direction, good plot, good dialogue, good pace, et cetera.

>Supereyes wrote:

I could see that there may be a reason why Snyder cast Amy Adams as Lois, since we haven't seen her play sassy before.

Have you not seen The Fighter?
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>robert morrison wrote:

Is the cast for man of steel better than the superman: the movie cast?

yes. more Oscars winners/nominated actors than the 1978 one.
Just because there are Oscar nominated actors cast in Man of Steel doesn't necessarily mean that one cast is superior to the other.

We have seen the Man of Steel's cast in other roles. some were Oscar winning. But most fans feel that Superman the Movie set the bar where all other super hero movies are measured. And since we haven't seen the Man of Steel yet, we really can't compare the two.

And since we haven't seen Henry Cavell as Superman, we can't compare him to Christopher Reeve. Wee need to wait til the film comes out and then we can compare the two movies.

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The only way I can truly respond to this is to wait and see how this cast delivers as an ensemble. There are plenty of movies with top notch actors that are poorly written and forgotten right away. So, I'll wait and see what they have in store before I make that decision. I am hoping for the best though, as I'm sure we all are. Although our definition of what's best will vary greatly. lol
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