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Best Unexpected Good Episodes...
Since season 5, I guess, for me, Smallville episodes have genuinely turned out to be disapointing, every time we've had a promo, we became excited, but once we've seen it, the episode either turned out to be lame, or it sucked, or wasn't good enough.

"Hidden" for me was nothing, except for the ending when Clark saved Smallville from the missile, but everything else was bad. I couldn't call it a complete episode.

Other than episodes we expected to be good as teased such as, "Justice," "Legion," and "Absolute Justice," also "Labyrinth," or "Crimson" or season premieres, what random episodes (not special ones like "Justice" or "AJ"Wink surprised you to be good?

I'll name my top ten most unexpected, good, episodes, I thought would never go beyond my expectations:

10. Checkmate - Martian Manhunter was awesome, plus he used all his powers. Great action scenes, and a kick-ass story line.

9. Mercy - By this point, most episodes of season 5 bored me, but this one was really good, plus there was some new character conflict with Clark and Lionel. Loved where this was going.

8. Labyrinth - Though it looked good from the trailer, for me it turned out to be better than I expected. This was one of the strongest episodes I believe, the writers ever worked hard on. Genius intrepretation of introducing Martian Manhunter, and a nice revealtion at the end when he saved Clark, when MM turned his eyes red, notifying Clark, who he was back in Seatlle. I am not a Clana fan, but I have to admit, the last scene was good. Very well written. Btw, I give this episode one a 5 out of 5. Classic.

7. Oracle - This had a bonus twist. This episode was so down to business and entertaining. Brainiac possing as Jonathan, and manipulating Clark, and persuading him to kill Lionel. This was so good. Brainiac ruled!

6. Vessel - I never saw a good episode like this in season 5. The cliffhanger and resolution actually turned pretty decent. I was surprised. A cool plot as well. Clark had to kill Lex. Also, when Lex smashed Lionel into the van with his elbow, that was cool and unexpected. Even though Zod didn't really appear, I was still surprised that they actually got to doing Zod finally. Metropolis in riots, and the last scene was cool. Great score by Mark Snow as well. I could hear some of the John Williams music in it almost. Epic cliffhanger.

5. Sacrifice - Good Zod action. "Krypton will rise again, and all human kind will kneel before Zod." He really became Zod, it was like seeing Terrence Stamp on Smallville. I was like, "Hey! that's Zod!" Even a nice punch or shove from Clark to Zod. The Kandorians getting their powers and flying up. All in all, best scene at the Fortress.

4. Hostage - I never expected the good drama scenes with Martha and Clark, Martha and Lois, and the Perry and Lois scenes. One of the returning guest stars, which the writers didn't mess up. Before they really messed up with Pete's return, and Lara and Zor-El in "Blue."

3. Sneeze - While the episode wasn't fantastic, I was still amazed by how, very, well, written, the scenes were, particurly with Lionel, and Lex, and Oliver. The story wasn't bad either. I liked the ending. It was something worth getting excited about. Oliver, the Green Arrow was going to find Clark to join his Justice League. From here, it was actually going somewhere. This was a nice start.

2. Fallout - For me, the season was getting better and better during the beginning. Raya's return added juice to this season for me. Clark decided to embrace his destiny (regardless he didn't keep that promise in season 7) but the Baren scenes were pretty badass, which I didn't expect to see, and Clark using the S crystal to save the day was cool. This was ultimately what I was waiting for. It was great to see as much glimpses as we could of the famous "S" logo. This is why I didn't what Clark wearing it, because the first time you see that on Smallville, that means "Superman" to me. There should be no Superman yet, only Clark embracing his destiny to become Superman, but with no prototype suit.

1. Reunion - The story was very entertaining. Good Clois scenes, a pretty interesting Lex story arc, fortunately, which I'm surprised they didn't mess up with. I never expected the Clark rescue at the end. This episode was superb!

Okay, there's more episodes than that, but it would out run my top ten.

I'll say additionally though, in "Bizarro," most of us, I think, had faith in this episode, and it was good, but there was also one really, good, deep scene that touched my heart. (Embarased, but I'm not going to lie, it did) It was that scene with Chloe and Clark, "Hate is so clean." And everything else Clark spoke of, when he went after Lex, and how he felt after he saw Bizarro, the monster he could become...this is what I essentially miss about the show, the drama. Then, the song performed by Kelly Clarkson, "Sober" played out through the ending. It was damn good. It was heart-wrenching.

Now speaking of season 5, I have to say just a few random episodes surprised me because I expected most episodes to be not be really good, since most episodes were dark and depressing e.g., "Exposed," "Fanatic," "Lockdown," "Tomb," "Cyborg," "Hypnotic," "Void."

There were too many dark scenes. Sometimes there wasn't a story. 5x10 and 5x11 had only one action scene with Clark, and it was at the ending.

I feel mixed about "Reconking" and overall I will say that it was good and bad but wasn't satisfying.

"Fade," wasn't dark or depressing, but it was just a weird story, and not consistent, what a weird plot about that invisible guy. That was so f***ing lame.

"Aqua," would have been alright, if they had just given us a scene underwater at the end, and not the cameras.

"Mortal" was disapointing, well actually the S5 premiere ended with a disapointing solution, so it was ruined already. Pretty good idea to start the season. Clark loosing his powers. But in "Mortal," however, I could not see how they would just end the episode like that, and make us think,"So, Clark's going to stay human....forver? WTF are they doing?"
I expected he would get his powers back in this episode. But who would of thought we were going to meet more meteor freaks this episode, just after the arrival of the Fortress of Solitude, and Brainiac?

"Hidden" was just not a very consistent plot with Gabriel, another psyciotic regular person. But as I said...we just got Brainiac for crying out loud. Why are they going this way?

"Fragile" was only half-assed.

"Arrival," "Splinter," "Lexmas," "Vengence," "Mercy," "Oracle," and "Vessel," looked good as teased, but went over my expectations. There were some other good episodes, but the problem is, I don't think either of were comparible to these. "Solitude" and "Abanodoned," seem quite alike, there's just one great scene at the end, Brainiac tricks Clark to release Zod at the FOS, then Clark vs. Brainiac! Awesome!...But...I think I'll add that to my favorite episodes of season 5, making it only 9 which I enjoyed altogether.

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I really liked LEGION. I'm not a big Geoff Johns fan but I dig the Legion, when they are used as Superman's army. Nothing cooler than having a team that worships you in the future, ready to fight with you at anytime.

Plus those scenes with Chloe, possessed by Brainiac, in the Fortress were visually neat. Of course that was all dropped after the episode ended.

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Those were the only scenes I didn't like in that episode. Chloeiac spoke the words as if it came right out from James Marsters, it was believable, but it just didn't work because it was just a blondie with dark eyes, and her wedding dress. Meh.

I thought "Arrow" was going to be good, but I didn't expect all the special effects, and I was amazed by "Arrow." When season 6 started, I knew we would get a good premiere, but I didn't expect "Sneeze" or "Arrow" to be good either, then "Reunion," there were hardly any dull moments, in these episodes.

Season 6 in the beginning started bringing drama back. It was particurly with one of those scenes with Lex and Lionel. One of Lex's lines to his father, "Another important lesson you taught me: The greater the trust, the greater the betrayal." Grin

Then Lionel asks what does he need to do to prove to him that he wants to be a part of his son's life. Then Lex's line, "because you've put some much effort into fulling the Kent's that you're a good man, you've even believed it yourself." Grin

The story was staying focused for a while in season 6. The drama was back. "Reunion" kept up with the Lex and Lionel drama. "Rage," started with a Martha and Lionel kiss which I was interested to see where that would go, but they never continued to write about that. There was also that nice Thanskgiving scene and the speech from Clark.

Throughout these episodes, there were good Clois scenes, drama, and even Clark. Now some people chose "Subtrannean," as the worst, it wasn't that bad to me though because Clark was still in it. The writing was quite good.

"Hydro," had some good and some terrible scenes. Tori Spelling was a bad idea. Eww. After this, everything was just up and down. "Justice"-"Crimson." Awesome, but I don't know if the story was staying focused.

Smallville has had it's flaws since season 4, and it became dark and depressing and ran out of many ideas by season 5, but in the beginning of season 6, I was starting to think that Smallville was back the way it was the first 3 seasons. I was enjoying it so much. Have to admit though, the season finale didn't really tie in well to the whole plot.

Then, most of season 7 was just failing. Other than "Bizarro," just one episode that surprised me was "Siren," which for me was, perfect. Even the writing. The drama scenes was good. For such a terrible season this was turning into, I thought we could never see any past Smallville faces again, such as the Green Arrow, who was in some pretty good episodes in season 6. Because in the episode before this, we had Brainiac, but they really lacked at writing his return. Should have been a big debut.

"Veritas," wasn't one of my favorites, but it was one of the most focused episodes ever, part of the reason why may have been because it had every character in it. Every character played a good part in the episode.

The next episode "Descent," had the most amazing Lex and Lionel scene ever. The best written scene ever too. Every single line word for word, camara movement, and music was done perfectly. Those first five minutes though, I felt like I was watching an episode from season 3. But unfortunately, it was just those first 5 minutes, the rest of the episode wasn't special.

One of the best episode of season 3 were "Exile," and "Pheonix," best premiere ever. This two episodes had people watching. This was the best show there was on television. "Shattered" went pretty deep. This became a favorite episode which no one expected. "Asylum" I don't think anyone really expected a continuation. This was a thriller episode.

Back in season 1, "Rogue," I'm sure most of us thought it would be good, but this was quite a new turn of where Smallville could go. Back then, because it was the first season, it made a top fav. episode because this episode had someone finding out Clark's secret for the first. Nowadays, of course, Clark's secret is known by more then 200 people.

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