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Superman Returns extended cut
I haven't heard of WB releasing the first 20 mins of the movie on dvd. I think we all need to write to them (like we did for the Donner cut) so maybe they will release it. What do you guys think?
Superman Returns: The Bryan Singer Cut. That idea has been tossed around for a while now. Some have said that those 20 minutes adds some to the story as to what Superman found in the remains of Krypton. Maybe it would sense in a business standpoint, but if it doesn't, then that particular wish will remain on the shelf along with the last tree seasons of the Superboy tv series.

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You never know. Now that we've got another movie on the way, when it finally gets released they always re-release lots of DVD's & other merch to coincide so it may just see the light of day.

I wouldn't rule it out completely. Depends how WB/Singer feel. Fingers crossed.
Gosh Mr White that's terrible!
I'd like to see it. If anything, it could be released online.
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If they don't hire Routh back for the next movie (which common sense says they won't), then they won't be able to use any of the extended Krypton footage they shot for that movie as a flashback. Out of pure curiosity, I'd love to see that sequence. I read it in the SR prequel comic but it's just not the same!
I want a full cut of Superman Returns, I'm reading the shooting script and its got so much more to it, makes much more makes sense aswell.
I would like to see the 'missing' scenes that were shot. I highly doubt they will be put online. If released at all, we will have to pay to see them... maybe another DVD re-release. If we're lucky.

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