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How do you think Smallville should end?
Now that 'Metroville' is on hiatus, I wanted to ask how you guys think 'Metroville' should end?

I know ideally we all want to see Clark in the costume sometime in season 10. But besides that, how would you like to see the series end? I think that events that have happened in the last three seasons things have happened that shaped Clark's destiny.

That being said, There are a few things that I think will will guide the show to it's finale.

One thing, I personally would like to see, but it would either take another season or a series of 'Movies of the Week' to wind the show up, Is since most of us think that Darkseid is going to be a large part of season 10, perhaps, since Darkseid , who has access to Apokolipsian technology, maybe they could bring back Doomsday and do a 'Death of the Blur' type story that culminates with Clark coming back in the costume. That might make people think that Superman is a different guy than the Blur. (Not perfect but just an idea.) Wink That might solve some unresolved plot points. I just thought I'd throw that idea out there.

But what I would really like to see the series end as an Elseworlds book being closed by someone reading it. That would explain the events in Clark Kent's life happening long before they should have. It's fun to speculate on the show, so tell us what you think.

Peace Whoga.
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Lex Vader
I don't want to see Tom in the costume at all unless he cuts his hair. This isn't 1993.
Lex Vader wrote:
I don't want to see Tom in the costume at all unless he cuts his hair. This isn't 1993.

Oh I don't know... Remember this?

It worked in the comics for a while, and Tom Welling's hair isn't near that long. Wink

Peace Whoga
"Like the only real magic -- The magic of knowledge."
The Man of Steel1265
I just want the show to end in an acceptable way; no plot holes, and Clark needs to wear the suit, and he needs to have a Superman-hairdo, although; I don't know how he's going to get a spit-curl.
Lex Vader
Pete Ross comes back chewing Kryptonite gum when Darkseid punches him in the gut, causing his spit to fly in slo-motion onto Clark's head, which produces a permanent spit curl due to Clark being under the influence of yellow Kryptonite, which makes stuff happen because of magic.
In all seriousness, they need to not cop-out. If we get half a second of Clark flying in the costume at the very end of the last episode i will feel ripped off.

We've seen everybody fly.

So first up, Clark needs to fly at some stage. A few episodes of him wearing the costume would be nice - even just a couple of episodes.

Chloe needs to leave at some stage, for whatever reason, i don't care.

The JLA appearing by some means other than tv monitors would be nice too.

Oh, and maybe an after-series review series of interviews with the writers, in which they apologize for the horrendous things they've subjected us to. **Cough**Rabid**Cough**

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