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Why isn't there a thread for this yet? Talk about the Jor El and Clark scenes and Clark's new stupid power. i haven't seen it yet. Discuss.

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Clark reading peoples minds temporarily(WTF)? Guess it sorta had that cheap imitation of Superman The Movie of the interview Lois gave Superman. Anyway wished Tess would have killed the Toyman, he's weird anyway!

C'mon producers I'd like see episodes of Clark's training to be the main plot!!!
It's Friday nite I bet most record it that get it on Fridays and those that watched it went out or turned in for the night.
There isnt a thread because it sho\uld have been called Lamoooo

The entire episode was shipper crap. The entire premise of mind reading is stupid. If jor el can just grant misc powers whenever he feels like it why not just let him keep the powers? it would make his job so much easier? its stupid.

Also, they are laying on the lois and clark romance crap on so thick you could spread it like icing on a cake. Toyman was supposed to be the main villian and they reduce him to like 2 minutes of screen time. Not to mention his same gimmick was blowing someone up. Why not actually be created and try something new? how about that crazy strong bouncy ball or something?

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Well I was kind of hoping for that, since the first time they used Toyman, there were a lot of wasted good opportunities they had with that character which is why they were choosing to bring him again to introduce him as a Superman in a villain themed episode, like other villain appearances in episodes, "Phantom," "Bizarro," "Zod," and Brainiac episodes, because last season, when Toyman appeared it wasn't like that, he didn't have any scenes with Clark.

Because they could have used him for something really good and interesting.

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Such negativity. Normally, that is my department, but I actually look at this episode with nothing but mostly positives. I sincerely like the new direction of Smallville and don't mind some Clark and Lois stuff since, unlike Lana, Clark isn't moping around secretly wanting Lois. It has been more like he is starting to discover some hidden feelings he never knew he had for Lois, but none of the whiny farm boy trapped in a barn crap like from previous years.

The few negatives I've got are limited. For one, I do agree Toyman should have featured more prominently in this one. Hardly any time to let the character develop much. And then, Tess Mercer. Can she just go away already?? She doesn't add anything for me. And Oliver's self pity party not only doesn't make any sense to me, but doesn't interest me either. If that is going to be Oliver for the foreseeable future, he can go away too.

I would like to see more Jor-El trials more often also. Plus, how about Zod being on screen for more than two seconds at a time? Maybe even bring Kara back too?? We all know ABC's remake of V is going to fail, so Laura can come back to Smallville.

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Ok, dumbest moment ever in Smallville for me has been taken by Lois stealing a Monster Truck. This was a shipper episode, but to me that was a good thing (especially in Clark's case). People have been complaining that Lois has always been building up her feelings for Clark and his are just light switch from last season. Well this episode took time to change that. I'm cool with it personally.

I didn't like the b&*%# slap by Clark at the beginning of the episode. It made it worse when he found out later the guy was innocent. Will they ever learn? They go for comedy a lot these days, why not the flick to the head. It saves on budget, it's not as harmful, and it's kind of funny.

Finally, to the Oliver stuff. Here is my reasoning for putting up with Oliver Queen post Season 7. He is a good guy (like Clark) that took on a villian that posed a huge threat and decided he was too dangerous to be kept alive. Rather Lex is truly dead, in Oliver's mind he killed the man. We are seeing what Clark would go through if he ever made such a choice, through Oliver's pain. That's how I look at it, and that's why I care (even if it's barely at all). The character has become useless except for showing us why life is so important and why superheroes must be held to a higher moral standard.

This episode started off strong and lost it for me. 2 of 5 at best.

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Ok, not much to say, but gonna touch on a couple points.

I LIKE Ollie around. It makes me feel like the JL is coming and I wish more (even sidebar) references were made to what the other future leaguers were doing.

Toyman, in my opinion is the best villain smallville has ever had. The actor performs his insanity contagiously well. As evil and crazy as he is, I WANT to see more of him. IMO that makes him quite valuable. I remember back to old Batman epis and how excited I would always be when the Joker was in town.

I wasn't crazy about the premise of the episode...but I get it. Tho the truck scene was just stupid to me.

As far as Lois and Clark and their feelings...they are finally succeeding at one thing, making me reallllly want to see them together. A few years back they annoyed me. Now I really like the "them" in them. Love happens fast, it happens slow, and every speed in between. Let the "moonlighting" chemistry carry, I like it!
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The episode was OKAY. The monster truck thing was ridiculous. Toyman only being in 2 scenes is ridiculous. And the whole Lois and Clark romance thing just doesn't make sense to me.

What I did like, was the power. I know some are annoyed and it makes Jor-El seem omnipotent, but I do believe that at the beginning he said it is a power that comes on when he needed it most or something..I liked the concept of it. It was used as a teaching tool, Clark had NO control over it at first and only used it deliberately to figure out what was going on. I don't recall him really trying to hear her thoughts EXCEPT for the date thing.

And, how long until somebody comes on here and screams how un Superman like it is for Clark to take somebody's doughnut? What are they doing to my Superman?...I give it one page.

2 out of 5 for me. There were some decent things in the episode, but it was shipper filler to the 10th degree and it showed.
I agree with Steve. This episode was average and nothing to write home about.
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I thought it was very un-Superman like for Clark to take someone's doughnut and give it to Lois. Seriously what are they doing to Superman?Smile In all seriousness though I wasn't crazy about the episode. I liked the Clark and Lois stuff but I don't like the Oliver Queen stuff. Also the promos made it seem like Toyman was going to really be an integral part of the episode and that wasn't the case at all. I was really amped up to see what Toyman was going to do and of course was disappointed. Lois driving a monster truck made no sense to me and I wasn't digging the new temporary power. I do like the thought process of Jor El trying to teach Clark something with it though. Overall I like Lois and Clark but everything else fell flat. 1.5 out of 5.
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Saw the episode. It wasn't that lame. Better than "okay" quite good, I was entertained, I enjoyed it.

The beginning felt like a Superman show, but god, I really wish they could adjust that suit, it's so not meant to be in the series, you can't even see the "S" too well in the daytime, it has to be dark with some light in order to see the "S."

It doesn't go right for the series, but at this point you would feel like this should be about the time when Clark gets the idea to use himself as a symbol, it's been years now of course, as far as putting on the suit is concerned, it's about the right time, makes sense for Clark, but for the show is concerned, that just isn't a good addition, it's not supposed to be SUPERMAN yet, it's supposed to be "Smallville."

Smallville was a CLASSIC, and when it was a classic, it had no suit in it, Clark didn't wear one, it was pure genius, thats why it was so awesome. Wearing a suit would take the fun out of it, which Al Gough and Miles Millar knew it would...and they were right.

I'm not saying I want those two producers back, hell no, if only this season would go the same way as season 8 did, (when those producers left), I'd be happy.

Example, Clark being Superman as the Red Blue Blur was fine for me, iconic for me, and truly felt like the next step in the series for me, but of course now...the suit just doesn't feel like the next step for me, not at all.

Clark took the whole embracing his Kryptonian side thing too seriously, Clark himself thought of wearing the suit with the S on it, Jor El didn't ask him to wear that, WTF?...due to what Kryptonians wore as their style, and how all other Kryptonians have put such a bad impression on Clark with force. It's just because of that, many Kryptonians Clark knew, wore black robes, so that is what put alot of pressure on Clark, not the black robes, but Kryptonains wearing it and this influence, "to become a true Kryptonian!"

Clark does not have to follow the whole Kryptonian side thing TOO much, Jor El doesn't even give a sh*t if his son wears a suit that represents him or his Kryptonian race, or if it would show something to impress Jor El or make him proud, since Jor El would see that whole "trying to impress" thing (by wearing a kryptonian suit) as a "human emotion" any way.

...Because I don't like the black suit for cryin' out loud!

And screw Jor El for that! Heartless mother fu...but that's what makes him such a good character, Jor El hasn't changed that much, which is good, that keeps us watching.

What little "Smallville" has left in this show in regards to what it is about and why it is called, "Smallville" probably still has some reasons why...

1) Clark and Jor El have been confrontational ever since season 2, when that began to be (ever since then) the series was about Clark being afraid to face what he's really meant to be, because he wants to be "human" and he coudn't have both because Jor El said so.

Season 1 was actually about that since then, but Jor El is apart of that...(2)... even though he didn't show up until season 2.

At the moment "Smallville" is still "Smallville" since it is still about Clark and Jor El (whenever Jor El appears or when the FOS is featured in an episode).

I mean season 8's finale had Jimmy's death (which I hated) but made some sense as to why Clark decided to cut ties with hummanity, because he has had so much alien influences on him forcing him to leave all the humans behind, but when Clark refuses, he lets people die, not on purpose though, but feels guilty, then only looks to his Kryptonian side.

Okay yeah "Smallville" is STILL about that, that's good, it really is, it hasn't lost that good structure, being human and not being human is part of the Smallville mythologey. But one thing the show has lost is that after Clark put on a suit and began training, there could never be a storytelling again of Clark's journey to become that....Superman.

Which it was originally intended to be about.

I feel now though, Clark literally is Superman, and the show has gone too far with that, it can't be "Smallville' anymore.

Smallville most importantly is about Clark's journey to become Superman, #1, and #2, it's about Clark and Jor El. But there is no more #1.

There was one good scene in episode "Blue" I thought even though it wasn't a good episode, it had one good scene in it--that whole solution to Clark not training after Kara accidently getting abandoned and disobeying Jor El, so therefore punishing Clark by freezing him until everyone is dead...was such a good plot, best story told since season 3, really strong too because if Clark ever trained on the show, well it could almost be lost after that.

Not to mention that Al Gough and Miles Millar were meaning to have Clark train, I thought they avoided that for budgets, but the reason why they avoided training in "Blue" was because this show is still about "Smallville" Clark learning to become Superman, and Clark still doesn't know much about himself and wants to know, what he has to do and why, and etc, that's what it's supposed to be about!

That was a good reason to avoid training in season 7, to keep the show the same way it was supposed to be, "Smallville" not "Supermanville," as it is now.

Training and wearing a suit is literally Superman now, and can't be "Smallville" anymore eventhough it is great, there is some empty space feeling because of that isn't there? (Yeah, it shouldn't have happened)

Okay, I don't hate the suit entirely, since it is going to be seen again throughout the season then.. in the meantime, the show should adjust the suit. Thing is...Clark doesn't even need to wear a caped trenched coat.

I wonder if the production designers tried any other designs? It should still be black (at least for them) since that's how it started, so it must be permanent, you can't really change it.

It looks like the show is still discovering their Smallville version of a Superman suit, but as it turns out...whenever they will realize, that it turns out...THE RED JACKET AND BLUE T SHIRT was the best ICONIC look they could ever get CLOSE ENOUGH to Superman for a show so called, "SMALLVILLE!"

And...a strong example of that: In the 1990's "Lois & Clark" show, the first Superman show was still adjusting to it's true good look that was perfect for it's series, first episode they started with one suit, then changed it, then in the middle of season 2, they combed Superman's hair to look more short, and then adjust the tops, with the cape on shoulders, because it looked to low to be on Superman's chest too far down, and in the end, they didn't have their general "Lois & Clark" Superman suit until season 3.

I feel Smallville is still on it's journey to find it's best looking Superman suit for this show, because the one they have now doesn't feel quite right.

Flying, or tights, was off this show's limits, they thought it was lame, well everyone thought it was lame, until the show first came on, but since then, everyone has only dreamed of "flying" or wearing "tights" again but more over...wanting to seeing Clark in tights, and flying. Flying in a cape had been oout of style for a while then.
I don't hate the whole reading minds new power, it just makes Clark too powerful, this frustrates me, because I'm guessing that we will see Clark use this new power in the next episode perhaps, since it is the cheapest special effect they can use, and super hearing too.

Since season 7, they've been using the white light effect to show us tha Clark is using his super hearing, which I didn't mind, I thought it was cool, but this new power is an exucse for more stories, since they are soarly lacking with it,'s also the cheapest super power effect they can afford, meaning they can use it all the time, more than x-ray vision or heat vision. Sucks.

How will we know when that stupid white lights on camera or on screen effect will mean Clark is using his super hearing or if Clark is using his reading thoughts power, both look similar.

It allowed some good things for it though, such as Clois. "Hello sailor" it would be hilliarious to know what a girl really thinks about you, but hopefully it would be positive, whether it seems like she doesn't like you, and is keeping it a secret, that way you can know by reading her mind, or you can know by, if she acts nice, but could be just pretedning because she doesn't like you, when you hear her true thoughts, "I'm just trying to be nice, will this boy ever get the f*** away from me?"

I liked the Clark and Jor El scene, this is how Smallville should be by the way. Considering that last time, it was only three episodes ago when Clark visited Jor El, because I had been expecting this since season 5, I mean I thought that that's why they brought the Fortress, to be just like how Smallville was in the Superman movies with Jeff East as young Clark. I thought after season 5's opener, we should have been expecting to see some very often, occasional visits to the Fortress w/ Jor El being a guest of the series.

But no, in season 5, and for years, all the way up to season 8, it's only been 'once in a great while,' 2 to 4 times in the one season, Clark will visit Jor El.

But they better keep up the good work with Clark's visits to the Fortress with Jor El. That should be a key part in the show, it wasn't like that when they brought the FOS the first time though.

I don't mind Ollie around, I like having him around, it's cool having a DC hero in as a series regular being with Superman, two of them together is great, though I wish it was Batman, if they had known they were going to do this in the future, they should have gotten all the rights to DC comic book characters, including Batman.

Sooner or later though Ollie will be back as the GA.

They brought Toyman in because he was useless last time, but he still needs more time on Smallville, Like Artemis said, I want more of him, as crazy as he is, it makes him such a cool villain. Great character.

The show is still lacking with Clark falling in love with Lois. I don't feel it. Oh I forgot to point out, that speaking of that, Clark at this point has gone by far, become the most serious person ever. See, what doesn't feel right about Clark faling in love with Lois yet, is because he is too serious, Lois doesn't looks like he deserves him yet, Clark needs to be more light, and change his personality a bit, to make him"romantic?" Damn it.

I think that's why we're not buying Clark falling in love with Lois. No explanation to it. I will say though, I did buy last season, Lois coming to be in love with Clark, at first, they had a long ways to go with Clark and Lois from season 4, being enemies first, then friends, and eventually a couple.

Lois has past those 3 main tasks. Clark being only on the second task is what I feel right now. He hasn't gotten to the higest point yet, which is akward seeing Clark blushing at Lois in "Rabid" when huggin her after the zombie virus disappeared.

There has to be more reasons why.

Okay, I liked most of this episode though, well I'm going to have to give it a 4.5 of 5.

To keep in mind though, I am worried next episode will only focus majorly on Oliver, that will be the episode BEFORE (*SPOILER*) Clark will kiss Lois. (*END OF SPOILER*)

And hopefully that will make sense.

Then the next episode has to give a major solution to Clark and Lois being close to each other before Clark (*SPOILER*) kisses Lois (*END OF SPOILER*) in "Crossfire."

Brian Q. Miller seems to be the only writer on here who has a brain. Wayne Rose did an okay job, but what the...what's with the last shot of the episode though, wasn't nesecary. I was like, "huh?"

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I didn't like the b&*%# slap by Clark at the beginning of the episode. It made it worse when he found out later the guy was innocent. Will they ever learn? They go for comedy a lot these days, why not the flick to the head. It saves on budget, it's not as harmful, and it's kind of funny.

I thought the b**ch slap was cool, lol.

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The Red-Blue Blur
You guys think his new power sucks, I think it's awesome. I smiled when Lois said "hot stuff." I only got to see the first 14 minutes of the episode last night though. Anybody have a link so I could watch it? Thanks.
Lex Vader
Review here, if anyone was wondering:

(Just highlight the URL in the address box thingy and hit enter after the page loads for it to jump to the post.)

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Man this episode started so well.....the zoom entrance on the roof was GOLD!!! saving the were talking.....but alas they had to do some crazy crap to bum ma vibe. the doughnut was crap clark would never have done that.....the mexican scene with ollie was badly done and just not believable and badly acted as well , i like his character but that was a lame scene...only when tess showed up it got interesting. and well the monster truck was bad.....really bad, whoevar thought that was a good idea should be bit****d slapped, on the plus i liked the power it was interesting and even tho they went overboard with lois's thoughts...i mean come on they made every thought a hunky clark thought....1 or 2 would have been fine, also clark could have called lois to say he couldn't make it...not just stand her up, they did make up for it at the end tho with some nice interaction , the clark ollie scene was nice and it was great to see clark give ollie sme much needed great begining....nice ending with lois and clark but some mind numbing poor stuff in the middle bar clarks esp trails....2.5/5
Speaking of the scene in Mexico. What happened to Tess Mercer? Cassidy Freeman rather, she just wasn't Tess. Interesting scene with Oliver though, she was just being so nice because she wanted Oliver's help, she already decided she was done wth that kid. But Cassidy Freeman acted different today but she is good actor, just wasn't in this episode. There is still no point in her being back.

Where was Zod? He is going to miss four episodes since he will be in 18 out of 22, I guess we won't see him until "Kandor." He's already missed 2.

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9/10 better then i thought, but toyman needs to just go away. I wanna see more of zod
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Did I just stop the thread from writing too much? If so, sorry.

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IMO the episode was okay, but it still had a lot parts that bugged me in the episode.

Clark stealing a guys doughnut was wrong.

Lois pulling up in a Monster Truck was just stupid, that truck wouldn't be allowed to drive down the road to begin with.

Clarks superman outfit and hiding in the shadows seems to be to much like Batman since the first episode of the season, now he was given martian manhunters power to read peoples' minds. I didn't like it, plus he was taking advantage of her thoughts because he doesnt have the courage to ask her out.

I must have bad hearing because everytime he used his mind reading power I had to rewind me TIVO and listen again just to understand what people where saying. That power was so stupid.

why does he need Chloe to locate Toyman? Cant he use his super hearing or xray vision to find him. Or was Toyman hiding in a building with lead lined walls. He's gotta depend on someone else.

The bar scene with Oliver Queen and the Me
xicans was absolutely pointless. To top it off Tess walks in looking like Laura Croft and carrying an uzi. What a pathetic scene.

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