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Echo PreAiring Thought
I am sorry if I should not post this seperate or if I should of put it in the theories and speculation thread. Anyway in the blurb it mentions that Jor-el gives Clark the power of hearing peoples thoughts. Anyway I was discussing this with some of friends who watch Smallville and we all came up with a interesting thought. What if this power indirectly is part of his training. Now we do not mean that it's suppose to be a long term power or even one to help Clark do super things but its a form of punishment. Maybe Jor-el figures that if Clark has this power he will be exposed to people that people will always look at the Blur be always be a outsider, never accepted, he is a menace, must be from another planet and similar thoughts. To expand on this I am sure Jor-el is not happy that Clark is still spining his wheels re training and letting go of all his ties to humanity and since in a earlier episode (sorry cannot recall the title) Jor-el put Clark in a crystal in the fortress how else can Jor-el punish Clark. On a seperate thought do you think Jor-el also knows about Zod and company being on Earth?
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