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"I'm a Mac. I'm a Brat" Smallville episode reviews.
I thought, in what was a depressingly stupid episode (especially this close to the last ever), the last scene with Clark and Jor-El was, well, cool. Clark's exercised a lot of poor judgment in his life, but this scene kind of framed all of those choices within a need to figure out what to do with his future. It's a bit zen (and I'm certain unintentionally so) but I guess what I got from this scene was that Clark had been getting necessary guidance from Jonathan and Jor-El until he came to a point in his life where he was consciously aware that he no longer needed that guidance. That doesn't dismiss what he's learned; it just says he's realised that he's learned all that they could possibly teach him. To me, it was a cool - if completely unearned - moment. And by unearned I mean that it was informed by my knowledge of Superman's personality and not by Smallville.

I think this show's biggest positive accident (emphasis on accident) was to demonstrate that going from an ordinary kid on the farm to becoming Superman ought to be a tough journey. The specifics of how this show has portrayed that journey is laughable and sad, yes, but the idea in terms of the larger Superman myth is actually quite compelling to me, and validates who Clark Kent is when someone like Batman judges him harshly because of a happy upbringing. I'm not saying these trials have to be necessarily tragic (and Jonathan's death certainly predates Smallville's telling) or all instigated by Jor-El (eugh), just that I now expect a significant element of that to be a part of any telling of Superman's origin. To me, it should be much harder for someone with Superman's powers to confidently step into Superman's boots with the level of assuredness that Superman has, than it would be to step in Batman's. (Part of that is definitely motivated by the fact that I'm a bigger fan of Superman than Batman.)
Zod Lombard
Yet another great write-up, Lex Vader!

That "water supply scheme" was mind-numbingly done.

And yes, why bring back Kara and NOT even have her interact with Clark?

I nearly laughed out loud when Stargirl listed off the villains' actual names for the "shareholders" ... are "Dark Archer," "Captain Cold" and "Some Dude Named Manta" actually listed on the official documents?

It is just unreal how bad this final season is ... this penultimate episode embodies that. "Prophecy" might be one of the worst episodes ever. I'll take Vampire Lana and the Exploding Kid over this crap!

Anyhow, Lex I hope you are planning a video review of the series finale ... cleverly titled "Finale."
Superman vs. Darkseid
I have no review for the last two episodes. I have no great answers. Lex was right all along, this show has been doing nothing but wasting time until the finale.
The fake break-up wont take, everything will happen next week. All this time they've just been wasting our time. I'm sick of it. Episode after episode of pointless crap. Bring back the lemur. I'm out unless the finale is epic.
To err is human, to moo is bovine.
Man, that makes me sad to read Krypto. You've always been Lex's equal on these threads, just the opposite point of view. An argument to his criticisms. Sad to see you feel that way about the show.

Was it pointless to have Lois break off the wedding when we have already seen stills of them walking down the aisle? Depends on how you look at things. My argument to that would be the entire story was useless since we all know that Clark Kent will become Superman anyway. We all know where the characters end up and who they will become. The greatness lies in seeing how they got there. With Lois and Clark it's interesting to see the ups and downs they went through before ultimately ending up together. On the flip side, the earlier seasons showed why Clark and Lana were star-crossed from the beginning.

A lot of people think that Lex's evolution from good to evil was mostly light switch done at the last possible second, but it really wasn't if you pay attention and look. There was a ton of subtle things done with his character that Michael Rosenbaum played beautifully. A lot of Lex's evil was already in him long before he met Clark, he just needed a push to get there. The interesting thing is that he had the potential to be good as well. That is the tragedy of his character. He like Jonathan Kent, are the two individuals that Clark will never be able to save. Both Lex's decent into darkness and Jonathan's fatal heart attack were events brought on by series of misunderstandings and misfortunes. You could argue that Clark was responsible for both, but we all know that's not true. Long story short, the journey of Lex Luthor is one of tragedy.

Clark Kent has also moved forward in character progression. I've heard people claim that Clark was more proactive and more of a hero in season 1 than he is now. This simply isn't true nor fair to claim. Clark like Lex already had his foundation built before we were introduced to him. His journey is a parallel to Lex's only in the other direction. Clark rose while Lex fell. His character progression was a little hindered from the end of season 4-7, however his turn in that last 3 seasons has more than made up for it in my opinion. Minus the name and the suit, Clark Kent is now the Superman of the future. His secret identity has been created, and his morals are firmly set into place. That's two essentials in being able to become Superman. I've seen Clark try to talk more criminals down these last 3 years than I have in any other. Season 1-7 Clark was famous for throw you first, ask you later. Now he tries to talk sense in to even vile creatures such as Doomsday and Clark Luthor. That is progress, that is growth.

Looking at the series in retrospect it is pretty extraordinary. Were there some low points? Absolutely, but the greatness of series lies in it's achievements. Looking at the early seasons and how people with abilities lived in Smallville, and the awareness of such abilities was fairly poor, in comparison to now, where the entire world knows they exist (both good and bad). The uneasiness and the reluctance to trust these people are why Superman is necessary, and why the VRA and Justice League/Society episodes were relevant to Clark Kent's growth and journey. It's his role to show the way for those individuals, and for ordinary people to just do good for the sake of doing it. The build up of that story has been present from the beginning. Early on Clark once told Jonathan that he rarely ended a confrontation with meta-humans by shaking hands, now he inspires those with abilities left and right. It's been a fairly natural build up in my opinion. I digress I suppose, so I'll end this now. I expect the finale to be a great end to a great series that I'll miss for the rest of my life. I've grown up with this version of Superman, and it's a little sad we won't see his adventures as said character. The End.

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"Future events such as these, will effect you in the future."

-Plan 9 From Outer Space-
Michael Corleone
Johnjones, I agree with what you said. Especially about Lex. Even back in Season 1 from the beginning there was at least one subtle thing in how Rosenbaum played him or in how the writers wrote his character that told me that he was, at the very least, "less than good."

Smallville has had its ups and downs, but I believe more ups than downs. I will miss it.
Foom Man
I adored the finale.
You can't have a war without people dying.
Lex Vader
C'mon, Kryptomac! You have to admit, that WAS epic... ly bad! Smile
Zod Lombard
Lex, when are you going to post your sure-to-be epic review of the finale?
Superman vs. Darkseid
Lex Vader
I thought the 200 other reviews pretty much summed it up.
Zod Lombard

>Lex Vader wrote:

I thought the 200 other reviews pretty much summed it up.

Way to leave your one fan hanging!
Superman vs. Darkseid
So, You all are the biggest Fans of Superman. Then I'm at the right place to gift you something special for your life. What will be if you can make your self to feel like Superman as the way he dose in Smallville?
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