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Secret Origin
It was done logically and I have no problem with it.

I disagree. I think that story had a lot more potential and Jeph Loeb jumped the gun. DC had the chance to do a real "Dark Reign".

I just don't see a "WANTED madman" Lex as a credible threat to Big Blue. He needs something more.
Truth be told as I your psiost i had to stop and think....well, yeah I'm not really all that set to see Lex revert to "Break out of Prison, build some giant robot. set it after Superman and Metropolis get it destroyed by Superman and have Lex thrown back in the Clink."
What we need to have happen then is for a disaster to come along that even Superman can't beat. have lex build something and manuever conditions into such a way that he can dictate a Pardon for its use and have him retake Lexcorp from the board and resume his old place as the Third richest man in the world.
(sadly at this point however, i don't think DC's retrohead leadership is going to do any such thing)
No Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am!
Hmmmm ok So that's where that comes from!
I started watching Smallville This past week Starting with Season 1 and working my way all the way through the series. Today i started the second season which shows Clark Gaining his Heat vision. In the Episode It shows that Clark's initial Heat Vision burst are caused by his sexual urges. (ie i in class they were watching a reproductive video in class with a sexy new teacher and a summer temp of a hundred degrees or so!)
WB asserts its will on DC therefore once again when young Clark in Secret Origin has his heat vision triggered by kisses from Lana.
Just got the Second issue today. Clark meets the legion.
The only objection I have to it is the retro fitting of Krypto into Clark's early years
(In Steel age continuity Krypto is created through the phantom Zone and a product of Brainiac 13) I havent really read the second one all the way through so dont mind my exact lack of facts on this matter.)
Point being Krypto didnt make his first Steel age and beyond appearance until Return to Krypton (unless you count Bibbo's little dog who joined the Superboy cast)

No Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am!
Retro-fitting Krypto into Clark's early days was pointless and silly. All the aspects of this issue were just silly Silver Age garbage.

When do I get the real Superman back?
When do I get the real Superman back?

Dangerous line of thinking, friend. That's more or less what was probably going on in the minds of the numerous writers that had made it their mission to change Byrne's Superman since the early-mid '90s, including the ones that are behind the character now.

My issue remains the same. Either do something new, or leave things as they are. Been there, seen that.

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I'm really digging the series so far.

One thing I could criticize, maybe, is its lack of originality. Geoff Johns is basically writing a streamlined origin of the character, trying to sum up the best of the origins that came before it, whether it's the Silver Age, John Byrne's "Man of Steel" or Mark Waid's "Birthright".

On the one hand, I love Johns for not implementing his own ego into the project. He knows that Superman is bigger than he is, and "Secret Origin", if anything, shows a lot of respect for the mythology that came before him. It's funny how the oldest and campiest of concepts, like a skinny teenage Clark Kent in tights, a Super-Dog, or a club-house of teenage super-heroes from the future, can come off looking wholesome and fun when it's written by Geoff Johns.

At the other hand, however, I also have to give chops to Byrne and Waid for being innovative. Byrne completely reinvented the Superman lore from the ground up, and Waid explored the character's motivations, why he dresses up in tights to save people. They were both taking bold initiatives other writers were too afraid or too clueless to explore.

I'm also a bit iffy on the direction he's taking with Lex Luthor. I liked the Post-Crisis revision of Luthor as a ruthless and corrupt businessman, and for the past 20 years that has been THE Luthor of our generation. I don't think it's wise to regress him to the silly mad scientist of before. Geoff still nails his character, nailing the aspects of arrogance and smug superiority, but the scenes he's in are too short for me to get a good grasp of what direction he's taking. It's still early in the story, though, so time will tell.

All things considered, though, it's still a blast to read. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5.
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While I think Geoff Johns has done a great job with all of his previous efforts and I'm hooked on Blackest Night I wrote a script about Superman between Smallville and Metropolis that I think is better. Sure most cooks like their own cooking but think the proof is in the material. If you want to read a copy I'd be happy to send it via email. Just check the thread regarding Richard Donner's Smallville.
Superman-Prime 41
As far as the complaint about the origin not being original and containing elements from Silver Age, Man of Steel, and BR, I just think this has to be expected, I don't know if this was really started as a project to introduce something new into Supes origin, I think it is simply to establish official Origin continuity for the post-Infinite Crisis Superman upon which all future continuity will be basd on. So a blend of origins from before and in between Crisises, including previously dismissed items from the Silver age, should be expected to return per DC's future motives i.e. rallying more interest in the Legion who will be the main feature in Adventure Comics starting after issue 6.
I'm pretty sure if Johns had taken a more original approach to the origin, people would be getting all huffy about it as well. This story's been told a thousand times, but it's nice to have it told well, with excellent art to go along with it (although Clark's head looks kinda floppy and disproportionate sometimes - and what's with the gummy teeth on most people?).
Yeah, Lex's expressions are especially creepy.

I really liked the second issue, the hole that leads to the Kent house made me squeal a bit. All the little touches make this story so much fun.
copacetic wrote:
I'm pretty sure if Johns had taken a more original approach to the origin, people would be getting all huffy about it as well. This story's been told a thousand times, but it's nice to have it told well, with excellent art to go along with it (although Clark's head looks kinda floppy and disproportionate sometimes - and what's with the gummy teeth on most people?).

Some people would, no doubt, if only just because their familiar Superman was being booted. Just look at the hardcore pre-crisis fans. However, personally I do have a major issue with the lack of originality. It's a mini-series, with elements that we've seen several times before and it's three years too late; so far, you could take anything from either issue of Secret Origin and shove them in any regular issue as a flashback or a special 2-page-featurette at the end of the issue.

Also, I find the art far from excellent. I like Frank, but so far he hasn't sold me on this one and big part of it is that young Clark is creepier than old Clark.
im not too impressed with the silver age stuff, but it kinda works here. im glad that geoff isnt completely disregarding John Byrnes Man of Steel.
my fav moment of the book so far, is finding out that Kenny Braverman is in this book. Kenny is my fav villain of all time.
Now I know I am coming into this thread a little later then I intended but when # 1 came out I was under the weather and it was not tilll recently was I able to find a copy of it and number 2. Anyway here I go. As many of my friends would contest to I am a long time Superfan and I have to admit a little bit of me was concerned when I first heard of this mini series but then I reread the premise surounding it and it gave me hope. I think most people when they hear the term secret origin they take it like the rebirth mini series as meaning a whole new story. To me its not that at all but as someone stated above its a fine tuning of things not to replace what has been said/written before. Now for some random thoughts.

1) The super suit I kinda like how they returned to the aspect of it being developed from stuff in his rocket.

2) The fact that Lex and Clark knew each other at a young age. I think this could be interesting aspect depending on how the rest of the series pans out. Lets face it if towards the end of the series they deal with a grown up Lex and Clark meeting up to see if it will be after Clark starts working for the Planet and even though he probably won't say it how maybe a small part of Lex being prod and maybe gloats into thinking if it was not for me this hick kid from "Small"ville would of never made it to the big city.

3) Lex being a bookworm/science geek. Again I kind of like this cause it seems to bring a meaning to Lex not being a typical baddie. When you look at most villians in comic books they genrally have a special abilty (power) or are just norma people with lots of power but with Lex lets look at him this way we all are use to being uber rich and at snap of his fingers probably could have anything he ever wants or needs without warning and then bam Superman shows up who for all intents and purposes cannot be bought, corrupted so Lex has to become a differnet kind of villian who for all intents has to become someone who given the right approach can defeat Superman not by strength but by using his brain.

4) He is a reluncant Super boy and the way Clark is when we see him at first. I think its kind of neat how he realy is not a nerdy Clark and it takes a accident to have him realize he better watch out and then when he is told some of the "truth" he is in shock and part of him does not want any part of it and then thinks maybe it could be a cool thing.

I guess I am going to end this for now but curious to see what other milestones they will deal with and when they will. I figure probably 2 will be his first encounter with Batman heck maybe even Wonder Woman and his first encounter with Kryptonite and if it will be at the hands of a normal Metallo or a Mentallo that works for Lex.

Regarding Superman Secret Origin #03
great issue, but i wasn't expecting a completely 'fresh' origin. But a definitive one.

I'm liking it so far. Too bad it couldn't be more fleshed out. It would've been better if Secret Origin was 12 issues long


The flowers that were sent to Lois say
To: Lois
From: Jon

As in John Corben?

Did Lois ever date him during the Pre-Crisis Mythos? or the Mythos overall?

I've only read John Byrne's Man Of Steel and every main Superman titles since the 90's to present Grin
missed some early 90's titles and by missed I mean haven't had time to read them Pfft


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Superman: "I'm for everyone"
I just read #3. So far I've been merely unimpressed, but I downright hated this one. Kent could only be attracting more attention if he wore blue tights and flew in the s-- oh, wait.

Kent was overly clumsy in STM and it kind of worked, because a movie is a different medium. All the clumsiness was literally acted out. On paper, it just looks stupid.

On another note of lesser importance, the 'Smallville' nickname doesn't pack quite the same cutsie-punch when Lois has not only heard of the place before, but literally recognises it as the birthplace of freaking Lex Luthor. That's the problem with trying to mix different elements from different interpretations; some just seem slapped on-- forced.

And the movie-worshipping... good god. It took DC three decades to adapt STM in the on-going series. The logic behind all these is just mind-blowing.

Anyway. Screw it. At least we're done with the introductions. We can get to some actual story next issue-- I assume anyway, Parasite and all.

As in John Corben?

Did Lois ever date him during the Pre-Crisis Mythos? or the Mythos overall?

I'm not sure if this 'Jon' is, in fact, Corben, but yes, Lois and the original (though not first) pre-Crisis Metallo did flirt a bit. He was a reporter, too.

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Personally, I'm going to miss the Space plane but that's me Mr. steel Age retro-head (yes i'm becoming what i despise color me hypocritical)
just can't believe they didnt throw in the "Hope this little incident didn't put you off flying...." bit.
Oh well the present gets swallowed by the past.
Hal Jordan Back as Green Lantern Good
Barry allen Back as The Flash Godd
Clark Kent back to being a weak willed klutz...................Don't get me started!

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No Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am!
*I wanted to answer Pravus' post but felt my response was better suited to his "The Day I Stopped Buying Superman Comics" thread. Anyone interested can read my post there.

I'm not sure if this 'Jon' is, in fact, Corben, but yes, Lois and the original (though not first) pre-Crisis Metallo did flirt a bit. He was a reporter, too.

Yeah I'm not either, because I'm pretty sure there was room for one more letter on that card for a 'h' Pfft

This theory is based on the 'Lois', my tests show that Lois is a 4 letter word and 'John' is also a four letter word Shock

All kidding aside I think Johns doesn't want readers to know it's Metallo. So he tries to confuse us with 'Jon', that's too many Johns in one sentence, the writer, the character and possibly a new character Lois' boyfriend.
Superman: "I'm for everyone"
Duncan B
Sad My Clark is gone! Though there may be some hope as he doesnt act so klutzy in other titles since final crisis!
'I am Clark...Supermans just what i do'
Just read issue 3. I have conflicted feelings about it, a lot of them. Suffice to say, spoilers ahead...if Steve ever has the time, I would highly recommend putting in spoiler tags for the UBB code on the board. Since we do talk quite freely about new comics and I'd hate to be the guy who ruins something for someone.

Anyway yeah - the S:TM references weren't even "wink and a nudge" - they were about as subtle as a Sherman tank. I thought we were getting an interesting new take on Superman with a few mixes of past mythologies, not a rehash of the freaking movie and bits of the show Smallville (ugh). The S:TM worship has been happening in recent comics way too much for it to even be "cute" or considered an homage at all. Right now it's just copious and lazy, lazy writing. In the years since the Byrne reboot, this is all we have to show for it? At least Birthright dared to be original.

This is the same kind of lazy writing that doomed Superman Returns to be nothing more than a cutesy retelling of the 1978 movie. So far, Secret Origin #3 just showed us Superman:The Movie set in a time with cellphones and email. Great.

Clark's outright bungling clumsiness was also pushing it a bit. I much preferred Birthright, once again. The justification for that was so much stronger: blend completely in, be a wallflower, so that no one could ever think you're putting on an act to cover up the fact that you're a superhero. It made sense there - I don't know whether Johns is just spread too thin these days with writing for Blackest Night, Green Lantern, the Flash, the tv show Robot Chicken, etc. but I think it took its toll on him on these issues with some of the lazy devices he's been using.

The good stuff: the stuff that wasn't aping Superman:The Movie. The public's slight mistrust upon seeing Superman and not just immediately accepting him as a good guy. The re-christening of the powerful material as "Metallo". Lois' character design was very nice - she had a nice frame and didn't fall prey to the disproportionate female character design most comics characters have.
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