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Superman #685
"The Long Goodbye"- Written by James Robinson, art by Javier Pina.

*Spoilers follow*

The issue deals with the aftermath of the events in the latest issue of "Action Comics", where Superman was invited to move to New Krypton, renouncing his ties to Earth and the Phantom Zone was destroyed, forcing Mon-E's return.

Superman, frantic, tries to contact the Legion to find a cure for Mon-El (you'd think if that was an option, he'd have attempted it some time during the DECADES Mon-El was spending with criminals in the Zone), but for some reason, his ring doesn't work. He suddenly comes across a bottle left for Mon-El from the Legion, with the cure. Mon-El's finally out of the woods. He visits Ma and adapts the identity of Jonathan Kent, Clark's supposed cousin.

The rest of the issue is Clark explaining to Lois and Martha that he has to pretend to renounce them and go live in New Krypton, in order to find out Zod's plan and protect his people. They both pat him in the back, he leaves Metropolis' protection to a few select people (like Mon El, the Guardian and Steel) and he leaves.

So, what'd everybody think? There was something completely off with this one. The dialogues, in particular, were quite awkward. And with a lot of needless name-dropping. Also, Chris now looks like Jason apparently (I assume the picture was Chris' anyway), there is a coloring error on (I think) page 8, where Superman's shield magically disappears and the cover is totally effin' irrelevant.


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Duncan B
Sounds quite similar to the 'new krypton' story that was on lois and clark to be honest. So not as original as theyr making out. I dont like it. i like Lois and Clark to be together, i dont like the idea of him renouncing her (again)
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Sorry I'm late to the thread; just got my subscription copy (!) a couple of days ago. I'm glad to see that Mr. Robinson has gotten away from that horribly inappropriate dialogue he put in Superman's mouth in his first couple of issues, but to my mind, he is still writing him completely out of character. Superman is now LYING to achieve his goals? To two whole planets? And neither he nor anyone else thinks this is cause for concern, or even worth mentioning??

How soon can we have the real Superman back?
Terrible issue. Superman and Lois Lane are both horribly out of character.

You can read my review here:
I really enjoyed this issue.
"Atlas" was a rocky start, but I've been enjoying Robinson's work on the title since, and feel like he's found the right voice for Clark and the supporting cast. This issue did feel very rushed though, like he only had one issue to clear the deck and set up the new status quo for the title.

I'm assuming that upcoming issues will explore the how and why of Mon-El's cure and the Legion's role in things. It seems the Legion is in a holding pattern until "Legion of Three Worlds" finishes and Adventure relaunches. That may have tied Robinson's hands in terms of how much he could reveal/use.
^^ Likely, but ultimately ridiculous. Personally, I don't read the books that revolve around the Legion. I have no idea what's going on with them.

Yay crossovers?
I agree with the annoyance. Particularly when, in addition to the crossovers, terminally late books are involved. For better or worse, it looks like the Legion are going to be an integral part of the new Superman status quo, with Adventure being part of the Superman family of titles.

On the plus side, it does look like most of the Robinson/Rucka/Gates written titles, while interconnected, can also be read alone; so, if you like Action, for example, you don't have to read Supergirl or World of New Krypton to follow what's going on there.
The whole Robinson run is part of the reason I've stopped buying Superman comics at the moment.
If i was locked away in the phantom zone (by superman's own negligence) for decades, and all it took was one comic issue to free me... i'd probly become a supervillain. I mean a real Bad-ass supervillian too. I'd even land myself a red lantern ring with the inner rage i have built up for Kal-el... or some other great evil plan to destroy superman... oh yes, vengeance will be mine.

but of course.. nothing like that will happen. Instead, we're forced to sit through several boring issues with Mon-el (the Dorky Daxamite) as the main protagonist. Can they at least upgrade his lame costume?
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