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is this the begining of the Justice League?
so the past few days i am thinking how can you hype up another superman movie and then it popped in my head. Batman Begins in my mind did the right thing by having the Joker be the villian in the sequel and not the first movie. but hype it up like they did at the end of Batman Begins.

why not do the same thing with Superman. make movies of all popular heroes and then near the end of the last movie, chances are it will be green lantern. throw in a reference of Superman.

anyway im getting off topic here is what i wanted to show you

On Thursday October 16, there was a special advanced screening of The Watchmen in Portland, Oregon. This trailer ran before the screening.
here is the link...


and so it begins.....
EDIT: upon viewing it again - I don't believe that's real.

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Man, I was in Portland on business that week! I could have seen it! Seriously, if you guys know cool stuff like that is going down in your local area, let us know. I travel a lot. Instead of doing jack in my hotel room I could have been watching The Watchmen!


it's not real, but its pretty good
Superman: "I'm for everyone"
Has anybody else seen this?


The poster was gradually revealed over time. If you look towards the bottom right on the wall, you can see the poster for The Dark Knight (black circle and red bat symbol). I have yet to hear anything about Wonder Woman so I am not sure if it it legitimate.
I always wanted to see Catherine Zeta-Jones play Wonder Woman.
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