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FInally watched the doomsday animated movie
I had been meaning to ever since I saw the trailer on Smallville, and I have to say I think it was awesome.. I remember the comic craze about his death around the early 90's but never picked up and issue... It was exactly what I love in Superman shows, movies, cartoons, etc..

Just kick ass non stop action without kryptonite somehow being involved..

When I watch lois telling him to keep the camera on the "action" and Superman was hit around the 4th time in the gut and the blood flowed, it kind of left me speechless being you always think of Superman as Unstopable.. Then the little girl crys, and Doomsday goes to destroy her and superman knowing he has to kill himself to destroy this being as he launched out into space then drove the monster burning up in the atmosphere and dying in Lois Lane's arms.. I'm not very emotional but I felt a little teary..

I just wanted to write a little something because everytime I watch Smallvile or lois n clark tim daly, christophere reeve there's never any TRUE action packed sceens and this titanic battle really lived up to what you ALWAYS kind of want or expect but it always comes up short somehow

I watched Braniac Attacks, and sure it had some action but nothing like the passion and strength and desire that Superman Doomsday had..

Well just wanted to share that with you, that I found a movie that lived up to what Superman action could be..
i know this is little old, but i totally agree. did some research on doomsday, and also read the hunter/prey 3 part series, and doomsday character is prolly one of the more interesting. cant die the same way twice. If y'all haven't seen the movie, or read the hunter prey 3 part mini series, you need to. they actually aired the doomsday movie the other day on TV. Sups will always be my favorite, but doomsday recently came in 2nd place. yea hes a bad guy, he "killed" Sups, but when he sees Sups he sees his creator, which you know or will find out in the hunter/prey series. think i like his cause of his hole, cant die the same way twice. what i dont understand , and maybe someone can shed some light on it, in the 3rd hunter/prey, motherbox and superman, drop doomsday at the end of time and waveriders snags Sups out of there. but is that really the end of doomsday?

im a little behind in the comic lines but havnt seen any new news bout him. just curious.
Is there anybody out there who loves the Death & Return comics that actually liked this movie?
Because I do love the comics but thought this movie was an absolute travesty to the good work done by the writers of the original story. It is but a pale shell of what a Superman/Doomsday film could & should have been.

Try again WB but this time do it RIGHT!!!
Gosh Mr White that's terrible!
i'm not saying it excuses it but i think the reason the movie was the way it was a) a rights issue and Cool have a movie that a person not familar with comic version could watch without having to know alot of specifics.

The movie was good in its own way, but you can't compare it to the comics. The comic storyline had a unique set of circumstances that helped build the story and resolve Superman's return. Recreating that now for a 90 minute feature would be darned impossible. Superman/Doomsday would have to be a two part movie for that to happen.
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Honestly; I think the battle scenes were the best thing about Superman/Doomsday.
I really enjoyed it.

I read the comic before seeing the film, and there were a few little things that bothered me that were in the comic but not in the film...for one Lois knows about Clark being Superman all through the comic, but she doesn't find out until towards the end of the film...although she does suspect all of the way through it.

But other than that, it didn't bother too much and i thought it was an awesome little animation. Dare i say it, it's probably btter than the actual films of Superman out there....

The new film needs to look at this cartoon for inspiration - this is what the public wants to see, and this is what will make the people who aren't die hard Superman fans want to come and see the film if it's anything like this cartoon was.
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IMO the movie still has its flaws, but I actually enjoy it much more than the original comic storyline.

The only real strength I ever found in the original comic story was in the middle "Funeral" act dealing with the aftermath of Superman's death, before the story starts pinballing on the four Supermen, and I felt the movie did a capable job of handling that given the short running time (to me, that's the biggest problem with these DVDs). I also actually appreciate quite a few of the creative liberties/changes taken with the "Death" and "Return" aspects of the story to make it into an animated feature accessible to those who wouldn't otherwise pick up a comic and are probably more familiar with Superman from the past TV shows, movies and cartoons anyway.

Outside of the running time, the only other problems I have with this movie are two: 1) the title of the movie isn't really truthful to the content -- it's called "Superman: Doomsday", a title that would suggest the big spiky lug is going to a major player throughout the flick, and yet Doomsday disappears once his big contribution to the story is out of the way in the first twenty minutes; and 2) the vocal performances from Adam Baldwin and Anne Heche are hit-and-miss. The supporting cast's not too bad, though.

All in all, I still enjoy this movie more than the last handful of live-action Superman movies -- I basically consider it the Superman III We Should Have Got But Didn't, and it's placed on my DVD shelf accordingly (S:TM, SII Donner Cut, and S: D).

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I know it's unlikely but if they opt to redo this since there is so much material not to do it as another film live action or annimated but do it like they did with Watchman and release it as a motion comic. For those who are not aware but Watchmen was a 12 issue maxi series and aside from the live action film they did a motion comic and the Death of Superman and the 2 subsequent series were well over 12 issues. This being said they would not have to edit anything out do to time restraints or content.
I still have not scene this I have too it would apear.
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I LOVE THIS MOVIE! that's why I want the WB to make a live action version of this! I've started a Superman/Doomsday fanmade campaign on youtube. Check out the teaser trailer! http://www.youtub...BWW4m3Rvm0
I enjoyed the comics and the movie. I think the movie was its own thing, but I think it got the emotional aspect that I felt when Superman died across on screen. I may lose my man-card, but I teared up several times during this one as I do when i read the comic.
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Superman Doomsday made up for in action what Superman Returns lacked. I loved Superman Doomsday they should have adapated this to a feature length for me, obviously the script would have needed work but it would have been incredible.
You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one - Superman
The only thing missing in superman doomsday is more Clark why was he written out of it. He's just at the beginning and end.its set in the future I like the superman robot.
I would love to see a live action movie of superman doomsday.
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Saw it recently and I really enjoyed it too. Very well done.
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SuperMan was cool and he still stayed def!

>JR1989 wrote:

its set in the future

Who said it was set in the future?
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