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Panic in the sky question.
braniac let out that device orb thing at the end of the comic. did they ever mention what that was????
Boy, this is going way back, right after I started collecting comics. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to drain people of their energy and it would dry them up and kill them. I thought it was one of the best story lines.
actually it was a pack of scavenger creatures i believe in superman issue 67 it shows them. i am not sure of the exact term of them cause that comic and others from prior to that story line and some afterwards are in storage. a little side noite due to unfounded rumor wizard tried to claim man of steel 10 and superman 66 (issues in said storyline were tied in with the superman doomsday storyline that would begin in the super titles just over 6 months later. they claimed this based on in one issue brainac saying it was time for his to lauch his doomsday weapon upon earth and the other had a mysterious orb enter earths atmosphere in which fuel speculation of perhaps thats were doomsday escaped from due to this those issues at some places skyrocked to over 10 dollars in value.

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