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Search for a particular Jimmy Olsen comic
Steve Younis
Hi everyone,

I received the following email from someone looking for a particular pre-Crisis Superman story involving Jimmy Olsen. If you have any idea which issue this might have been in, please let us know...

For many years I have sought to locate a comic cover I distinctly recall as a child; circa early 1960's.
Superman is abandoning Jimmy Olsen on a moon, saying over his shoulder as he flies off, "Sorry, Jimmy, but it's for your own good". Jimmy is saying "Wait, Superman, don't leave me". Olsen is inside a mini-Cooper sized "pod" with one seat and a panel with three buttons, labeled: Food, Water, Books.
When I lived onboard (actually you're inside) an aircraft carrier (USS Kitty Hawk) years ago, I often recalled that cover as I nestled in my coffin-sized bunk which was my little world for two years. I have looked at all the Olsen covers, but suspect it's a World's Finest issue. Couldn't be later than 1966 and more likely 62-64. Can you help? Thanks!!

Steve Younis
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