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Kryptonite and Earth 2 Kryptonians
MOTA wrote:
In an issue of the Superman titles Geoff Johns wrote a few years before Infinite Crisis he had Power Girl be affected by Kryptonite, but then in Infinite Crisis Kal-L said that the Kryptonite on Batman's ring can't affect him because it's not from his universe.

The Kryptonite that affected PG and the Kryptonite in Batman's ring are both from the same universe, just like PG and Kal-L are both from Universe 2/Earth 2, yet the Kryptonite only affected one of them.


Well, I told you all about this in IM, but I'll explain it here.

It's because when Geoff wrote that story, Infinite Crisis wasn't even thought of yet. His plan was to have Power Girl return to who she was originally intended to be after Crisis On Infinite Earths, Kara Zor-L, the sole survivor (Kal-L, Lois, Superboy Prime, and Alex don't count because they were in "Paradise"Wink of the Multiverse. Power Girl was suppose to be that, until DC decided that with the Superman Revamp, he was going to be the last Kryptonian, so they made her Atlantean. Over the years the writers had to adapt her origin, and play with her powers to try to please fans, which resulted in her being harder to write. Geoff wanted to bring her back to who she was originally suppose to be.

The story was sppose to be an arc in JSA, and titled "Power Trip". The story was going to explain that Power Girl was the sol survivor of the Multiverse, and because she didn't belong, the Universe kept trying to fix her, which would explain things like her Atlantean origins, and her reaction to Diet Soda. The story would explain tht everything you read did happen, but, like the truth about Conner's origins, there were things that we didn't know. Her returning Kryptonian powers, and weakness to Kryptonite was the Universe making her from Krypton, and since there is only one Krypton at this point, the Kryptonite from that Krypton could effect Power Girl.

That story was put on hold, when DC started to come up with what they were going to do for the CoIE Anniversary. They decided on Infinite Crisis, and Geoff's story was adapted into JSA Classified's first arc, and was titled "Power Trip."

When Kal-L and Superboy Prime arrived, Alex and Superboy Prime had already started to mess with the Universe, and Power GIrl's powers were fluctuating. This also explains why Kal-L and Superboy Prime weren't effected by Kryptonite, because the Universe was being messed with, the laws of the Universe were being re-written.

Now Post-Infinite Crisis, on New Earth, Power Girl is Kara Zor-L and is from Earth-2, and the Universe has fully adapted her as such. The Kryptonite of the Post Infinite Crisis Universe will now effect all Kryptonians, no matter what Universe you originated from.
You're assuming that.

You can't say that's true for sure until a Kryptonian from one reality is faced with Kryptonite from another reality.
MOTA wrote:
You're assuming that.

You can't say that's true for sure until a Kryptonian from one reality is faced with Kryptonite from another reality.

I can say that. Power Girl is a Kryptonian from another reality, and she is vulnerable to Kryptonite.

I'm the type of reader that doesn't need everything little detail painted out for me by the writer. If the writer gives you enough information that you can logically work out a solution, then it's ok with me. Geoff did that with Power Girl. Power Trip explained what we needed to know.
I don't agree.
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