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"Action Comics: Last Son" Discussion
So, what did people think of Part 3?



I liked it a lot. I appreciated that this issue was heavier on images than on text, and I think we got some great ones -- the full-page (or nearly so) of the Phantom Zone criminals streaking down to Earth; and, of course, the big finish of Superman in the Phantom Zone. Also, as a big fan of the Donner film(s), I like the "movie look" of things like the Fortress of Solitude.

In terms of story, I liked Zod's attack on the sunstone projector -- the whole visit of the trio of criminals to the FoS was well-handled, including a nice nod to Mon-El and maybe a foreshadowing of how Superman will get out?

I do think it's curious how much the story arc is like the end of season 5 and now into season 6 on "Smallville." I am assuming the comics people and the "Smallville" people have little if anything to do with each other, and that this is just one of those stories Donner wanted to tell, had he been able to continue the franchise... So, while I anticipate other readers may complain about it being too similar, I'm still enjoying it and think it is being executed well.
Just read part 3 and liked it alot. I like thepart where Clark and Lois are trying to get there story right on where little Chris is from. Like the part with Zod in the Fortress of Solitude. Love the action at the end of the book. And Like the that Mon-el will most likely help him out in the Next book.
We've only had the first two issues of the Donner run over in ol' Blighty but I have to disagree with Pravus' comments above. I enjoyed the Superman Returns influences, especially the way Kubert draws Clark like Brandon Routh. The visit to the fortress was fun what with the flying lesson and all, Luthor, Bizarro, Phantom Zone criminals, what more could a superfan ask for? I also liked the way that L&C named the young lad Chris, a nice nod from Donner to the late great Mr Reeve. Total class so far, keep it up DC!
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I must agree that the work has been phenominal so far. The Delays are an issue, but I can't wait to read more from Johns and Donner.
So far I've only got the first two issues of the arc, but I'm gonna get the third one this week.

I like the art so far - and I'm also relieved they got Zod, Ursa and Non in outfits that don't make them look like refugees from Logan's Run. Plus I usually don't care for DC Direct's stuff, but now I may actually have to get those Zod and Ursa figures *crosses fingers for a Non down the line*.

The writing's solid, too - which is good since I haven't heard many positive things about Johns, and with Donner's involvement it was difficult not to have high hopes about it. I may have to get the TPB while I'm at it.

Now if only someone could speed it up a little bit...Wink

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Awesome so far, loving this arc.

I really like Donner's take on the 3 villains, and the idea that there are tons of bad kryptonians in the phantom zone.

I thought the cliff hanger at the end of the 3rd issue was breathtaking.

the 3 villains have always been a handful but I can't wait to see how Superman gets out of this one.

Love the kid though, hope he is here to stay.
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