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No New PostsSuperman Found Footage film Darknights7 65 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsWHat are the best superman fan films? Superdadman 3247 5 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsWhat's your favorite Animated Superman movie? robert morrison 1238 7 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New Postshollywoodland Superdadman 2164 8 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsRIP Peter O'Toole (Zaltar in Supergirl). Kal_El_of_Kryptonia 546 1 ../images/avatars/rmmcoloursm.gif
No New PostsSuperman And The Mole Men vs 90's Captain America BBally 690 1 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsSuperman Trench Coat desertjackets 241 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsBrainiac Attacks...Bad As I've Heard? TomCon 3300 9 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsBest Quotes By The Man of Steel. Son of Prometheus 232 0 ../images/avatars/photo.jpg
No New PostsThe Official Superman: Doomdsay Review Thread.
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13012 61 ../images/avatars/photo.jpg
No New PostsSuperman Like You've Never Seen Him Before jwinker 418 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsAll Star Superman
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Hypoxic 12546 24 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsLIVE ACTION SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY MOVIE? kashchei2003 9566 18 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsSupergirl vs. Steel Sven-El 525 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsLittle Man of Steel update UltraWoman 654 0 ../images/avatars/lnctnaos_ultrawoman_n_superman2[30371].jpg
No New PostsSuperman Lives Costume Statue jpharrah 9429 12 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsMan of Steel Fan Film 68th 621 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsSuperman vs The Elite: Spoilers and Discussion Blue Boy Scout 6074 16 ../images/avatars/198155_sup1_fa_thumb_medium[32446].jpg
No New PostsSuperman "Flyby" Gabe 9954 7 Deleted user
No New PostsSuperman/Doomsday HD DVD?? 4482 10 Deleted user
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