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No New PostsWill the real Zor-El please stand up? mnsupesfan 1239 1 Deleted user
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No New PostsLex Luthor's New Origin....ugh jjg30 3358 14 Deleted user
No New PostsWhy are we collecting Superman now? Golddragon71 1952 5 ../images/avatars/McG-avatar[354].jpg
No New PostsBizarro World and other dimensions SW 2055 3 ../images/avatars/fg_evil_monkey-1[309].gif
No New PostsSuperman Chat Hour comickid 1384 0 ../images/avatars/noavatar50.png
No New PostsWriter's Strike and Comics SupermanProphet 1543 3 Deleted user
No New PostsCrisis On Infinite Earths Aftermath 2369 2 Deleted user
No New PostsNEXT! JSoA have JLoA meet THEIR Superman?! *SPOILER* 1611 6 Deleted user
No New PostsGreat board + a question 1116 2 Deleted user
No New PostsRao bill61673 1319 2 ../images/avatars/fg_evil_monkey-1[309].gif
No New PostsResearch Help: Superman crisis Issues! Lex shows good. 1112 2 ../images/avatars/fg_evil_monkey-1[309].gif
No New PostsRe:More musings on the post-IC Superman,blaming John Byrne,his nature and orgins,etc 1806 9 ../images/avatars/compressed[5527].jpg
No New PostsWill we lose our Superman? copacetic 1058 1 Deleted user
No New PostsSympathy for Superboy-prime (spoiler) Rob the superfan 2312 3 ../images/avatars/old_superman1.jpg
No New PostsComic from Nov 1967 1256 3 ../images/avatars/compressed[5527].jpg
No New PostsHELP!!!! Thinking of dropping the Superman books. 1474 6 ../images/avatars/superman_doomsday_50x50[18794].jpg
No New PostsLooking for pictures of Metropolis 1131 3 ../images/avatars/fg_evil_monkey-1[309].gif
No New PostsCan they ever finish a story arc before starting a new one?? Rob the superfan 2588 10 Deleted user
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